Scientists are thinking the unthinkable: CRISPR might one day reverse devastating brain diseases


We are decades away from a cure for single-gene diseases. It is hard to think that sz will ever be cured in this lifetime.


@GentleSoul please SKIP the pessimistic assessments.
We are close to a cure, it is going to happen in maybe 15-20 years.


U are right gentlesoul… we have still chances of getting effective medication soon in the future…!!

I think crisper and stem cell are rubbish. .!!!


@far_cry0 if you don’t want to get cured please SPARE us of your pessimistic assessments.


I want effective medication.!!! thats it …!!!

Politics is not going to give us chance for cure…!!

So hope for better medication…!!!


I so hope so. But not from crispr, at least thats what scientists are saying.

I want to be hopeful. What makes u so certain a cure is going to happen in less than 20 yrs?


Either not from stem cell too…!!! If there is breakthrough research on identifing gene causing sz and if they find out the responsible gene causing sz…

Only then effective medication is possible… holy cow… hope this happens fast…


@far_cry0 a cure is possible as well.
What happened to you?
You were once an advocate for a cure!
What happened to you?


Hey erez i come from very poor country … we have only 50% anti psychotic available here then that in israel …

People say sz is complete unknown illness to even researcher too…

if they allow crispr to cure illness many pharma companies will suffer complete failure cuz if we are cured we dont need medication

…so pharma med will be of no use… i think pharma will bribe scientist not to pursue crispr…

So i see only big breakthrough will help revolutionize the understanding the cause of sz…

Then only effective medication is possible…!!!

So from now on i will advocate the scientific breakthrough in understanding the root cause of sz…!!! There is still a chance…!!! U are intelligent then me @Chess24…!!

Take care and be fit mentally …!!!


@far_cry0 People Need to get CURED!
With all due respect to pharmaceutical industry!
People need to get cured and it will happen!


Lets hope…!!!


The truth is the motivation for curing schizophrenia isn’t there. People rather build warp drives and mine asteroids.


@insidemind you are right but eventually it will happen.
Conservative forces have opposed progress, they have opposed the Industrial Revolution, urbanization,
and the telephone, and the cellphone, and the internet, and cars etc etc.
All these things went through despite great opposition.

So, trust me, despite that many people resist a cure for schizophrenia it will go through, as well.
It is only a question of time.


I agree, but the smartest people on the planet are not working on curing SZ. They’re working on physics. Physics is harder, no doubt. Furthermore, the money isn’t there.


The problem in schizophrenia is that there are many defective genes. And we are far from having identified them all.


It’s OK @anon7255419 , things will get solved, everything will be fine!


Who says we are decades away from single gene CRISPR cures? I don’t think so. That might be true of polygenic disorders. But there’s a lot of progress being made determining how genes interact with each other. I think it’s less about identifying genes and more about seeing how they work together and which groups of genes might benefit most from correction. There have already been many genes identified, each with its own small contributions to the disease.

CRISPR is already being used by pharma companies to create mice and rats with specific mutations to create new drugs.

No one is bribing scientists not to work on it. It’s just underfunded. Much more money goes to cancer and boner pills.

Can’t just write off technology developed in 2006 (induced pluripotent stem cells) and 2012 (CRISPR) as ineffective. That’s silly. It takes time.


Good thing that you are here. You are always so positive. You give me hope. xoxo


I think we’ll have a cure sooner or later too :slight_smile:


This would ■■■■ your memory up and make you have DID while reappearing as a teenager. In fact, you would just regress to when you developed schizophrenia and keep trying to use the five F’s in that setting.