Science Says Exercise Improves Cognition in Sz

So, according to this, exercise as a routine helps sz understand social situations! Helps other negative symptoms of cognition like working memory…

10 independent clinical trials with a total of 385 patients with schizophrenia, Joseph Firth found that around 12 weeks of aerobic exercise training can significant improve patients’ brain functioning.

Here’s the article link:
Here’s a quote about the results of the studies:

The areas which were most improved by exercising were patients’ ability to understand social situations, their attention spans, and their ‘working memory’ – or how much information they can hold in mind at one time.

There was also evidence among the studies that programs which used greater amounts of exercise, and those which were most successful for improving fitness, had the greatest effects on cognitive functioning.

Sounds great! I wish I had money to afford my martial arts classes again. Been out for like 3-4 months, gained weight, lost interest in things, noticeable change in behavior (according to my mother). She would help pay, but she’s overloaded with her own medical bills, so I have to continue looking for work so I can afford my martial arts classes. At this point, any gym membership sounds awesome, but I miss the martial arts.

It’s easier to exercise when there’s someone standing there yelling at you to keep going


I’ve started walking 2km to work in the morning. I have found I’ve been more on the ball because of it.

It’s a great way to start the morning. It give me time to just be alone with my thoughts instead of cramped up on a tram with hundreds of other people and their thoughts.