Science and Alternative Medicine - Interesting Interview

An interesting Podcast:

You Are Not So Smart podcast 017: Alternative Medicine
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I listened to it. They were basically against alternative medicine. But it didn’t have anything to do with psychiatry or psychology or mental illness.


I consider Alternative Medicine and it’s practitioners directly responsible for my mother’s death. I despise it and all who practice it. If I could wipe them off the face of the earth I certainly would.


I think alternative medicine gets a bad rap because it’s used so irresponsibly at times. For example, a friend of mine got severely ill very suddenly. His alternative medicine practitioner said he was ill because his “kidney chi” was blocked. He gave my friend some goldenseal to unblock his chi. He took the herb as directed, but continued to get very, very sick.

After I examined my friend for only a short few minutes, it was clear that he had a severe case of bacterial meningitis, which can be fatal. Had he not called me to come over and help him, he might have died.

It’s a shame that alternative medicine is used in place of proper medical diagnosis and treatment. I think, if the two were used together (by a COMPETENT PHYSICIAN), perhaps outcomes would be better. And alternative medicine could aid in the healing process.




I completely agree. Seattle is a very liberal “Green” city and the few who really try to mix commons sense, correct science and an honest wish to help seem to get out shined by the snake oil sales men who just scam for what they can get. The scam artist get the news worthy and the few honest practitioners gets the ire.

I do believe that alternative medicine is valid. But just like meds, therapy, and all the rest, there has to be a balance.


Malvok -

I am sorry about your mother. If it’s not too personal, can you share with us what specifically happened ? Was there a particular supplement that caused it ? Did she take the supplement for a psychiatric problem ?

The short version:

She was diagnosed with cancer. Her family and friends convinced her that homeopathic, herbal, and other treatments would cure her cancer. She was convinced by them that doctors aren’t out to help but are just after the money. She refused normal treatment on their suggestion.

The alternative treatments did not work.

Malvok, sorry to hear that. My mom died from breast cancer when I was 11. She tried alternative medicine too, and it did not work out. It’s awful to watch your loved one go out like that. You have my sympathies on your devastating loss. :frowning:

Malvol -

Thanks for your reply. It is a sad story .My thoughts are with you.

Thanks guys…20