Sci-fi addicts, represent!

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Figured I should stop hijacking Malvok’s sports (ick! ick! ick!) thread and start a proper sci-fi one. Just curious as to who watches what, and why they like it?


I like Voyager because of 7 of 9. Just being Borgally honest!!

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I watched Dr. Who even though I was symptomatic and it messed with my head.

Red Dwarf is excellent. I watched one episode fairly recently.

Red Dwarf takes me back some. First girlfriend introduced me to it.

Never been a huge sci-fi nut but I’ve dabbled.

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Growing up I read a lot of Heinlein and Frank Herbert, lots of robotic laws governing robots that serve humans in Heinlein’s work, loved it. Now that I can’t read anymore I have movies. I love Star Wars, all episodes and have a crush on R2D2 and CP30…for some reason no matter how many times I see a Star Wars episode when R2D2 is in danger I get really nervous…I love the little guy.

haven’t watched in awhile since DVD player broke and have no Tv, but watched/liked Star Trek TOS, TNG, and Voyager, plus the movies…not DS9 though or Enterprise too much…
Babylon 5
Stargate SG1
Dark Angel
Earth Final Conflict

X Files, though that’s not exactly sci-fi…

I won’t even get into the movies as that’s a whole nother list, those are just regular shows…

As you can tell, I totally hate sci-fi, LOL

Yeah, lots of Heinlein for me too. And Arthur C. Clark, Issac Asimov, Sheckley. Even L.Ron Hubbard !! I read a few of the “Dune” books. By the third or fourth book I think he was stretching it, but the first two were good. I was REALLY into science-fiction when I was growing up. I even belonged to the science-fiction book-of-the-month club. I have fond memories of my parents driving me to the used/recycled book store where I would pick out three or four science-fiction books and read them all in the span of a week or two. I loved short story anthology’s too or almost any type of science-fiction collection of short stories.Harlan Ellison wrote some great short stories.


we are a lot alike in that respect nick77. growing up in the 6th through the 8th grade all I read was Ray Bradbury short stories…I still think he’s one of the overlooked authors…

Yeah,jukebox, I forgot about him. You think that about him? I always thought he was at the top of his field. I think his “Fahrenheit 451” is generally acknowledged as one of the all time great classics.

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I don’t know the name of the story by Bradbury but it involved a couple of men going on a time machine to prehistoric times and they are warned not to step except only on the path provided, but one of the men lost his balance and stepped off the path - accidentally crushing a butterfly and when the two men returned back to their time, everything had changed. never forgot that story.

my second favorite story is when this classroom of kids is getting ready to go out and see the sunshine because for every 300 years there is one day of sunshine and otherwise then it only rains, and the evil kids lock up the one boy who was really excited to see the sun and the teacher didn’t know until the class returned when the rain started again. sad but I love that story.

I loved Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury - Also I remember seeing and liking the movie Logan’s Run, I must have been 13 years old at the time

This is one of my favorite sci-fi books. Armor by John Steakley. It’s an easy read that’s full of action and psychological drama. A great book. The author was cool too, I once had an email exchange with him about his book. He was a nice guy. He died a few years ago.

Yeah, I read the butterfly one years ago. It’s a neat premise that has stuck in my head. There is actually a modern day theory concerning that called “The Butterfly Effect”.

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I’m a big fantasy and sci-fi fan. Currently getting into Extant. Main one was when my symptoms where the worst was watching The X-files. I had to stop watching and never seen the last two seasons as was way to much for me.

I used to be a bit of a Trekkie back in the day. The Next Generation was my favorite of the Star Trek series, although I also watched the original series, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. I wasn’t really watching TV by the time Enterprise came out, although I think that I might have enjoyed that series.

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I liked Enterprise, particularly T’Pol!

Years back I had heard of this new Star Trek show, Enterprise. While flipping through the channels on my tv I noticed it was on so I decided to tune in and check it out. The exact moment I started watching was at that decontamination shower scene.

When I saw that Vulcan cheesecake I realized how low Star Trek had fallen. I laughed and laughed at the absurdity. When the scene was over, yes I watched it to the end (hey, I had to give it a chance :smile:), I turned it off and never saw another minute of that show.

The day Star Trek needed a half-naked Vulcan soaping up like that to earn some ratings is the day it really died.

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One thing got to me: I was psychotic while watching Enterprise and had nightmares about the Xindi.

Awe…I lived X Files… I used to have a file with about 20 parallel experiences…‘real’ X files…when I met my wife in 2002 we were calling ourselves Scully & Mulder, LOL

There is a movie by the same name…it might be a trigger for some folk though, there are a lot of scenes of abuse and violence. Good movie otherwise, and shows how the butterfly effect could work if you were able to time travel and create parallel realities…

We’ve mentioned 7 of 9 and T’pol in the thread so far. I’m going to toss in my 2 cents and mention Zhaan from Farscape. Yeah, I know I’m outing myself as a bit of a weirdo and nerd but I think she’s an awesome character. I dig Chiana too but she’s a given.