Schizophrenic Singles Thread

Are you single or do you feel unlovable? Why don`t we meet? Statistics are just statistics and there are also some lies about us. What do you think?

Soz to Instantly Get Off Your Topic … ,

Curious About that Sentence … ,

What Are Some of tha Lies (???)

I would say myths like you can not “love”, we do not “feel”, we can take a relationship for too long e.g.

I’m impossible to enter with anyone into any kind of intimate relationship. Some people seem to think that if they just consistently show me some kindness I will get better, but I have been this way for thirty-five years. I don’t think it is going away.

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I am sorry to know @crimby after my illness I had relationships mostly with normal people but they soon finished everything since they realized what schizophrenia means for life.

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Hmm ,

Had no Idea that Peoples thot that About Us … ,

My Pups , All of them Gone Now , Including a Puppy … ,

e(Y)e Loved them with all of my Heart … ,

Very Falsely Accused e(Y)e Would Say … … …

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