Is it wrong to look for love based in schizophrenia? Can you tell me your opinion?

I think schizophrenia is the main event of all my life as well the turning point of everything. I hear people saying we should look for positive things in people we relate, qualities, not for disease. I have almost a secret desire to meet a woman suffering from schizophrenia, since she might understand what she is going through. For me schizophrenia is a main and a big trait. I find people with schizophrenia very special I admire my own way and kind of thinking related to my treated schizophrenia. I did not want to be different just treated… so after all and also the bad things, I like to be this way and I want to live this way with someone like me. Is it wrong to look for love based in schizophrenia? Can you tell me your opinion?

I wouldn’t say it’s a guarantee of a relationship, but it is possible you might get a better connection with a woman who has those kinds of experiences. I always wanted a relationship with a woman who was a heavy drinker.

Hi crimby thanks a lot for you reply and for sharing so much. I think unusual beliefs sometimes might be great if properly explored and that if paranoia is controlled it is a whole new way to think and to prevent important things. About your opinion I respect. Perhaps you also may help a woman who is an heavy drinker. Thanks again for your opinion.

I’ve dated girls with mental illness… it was toxic and didn’t help me at all… I have to admit… when I wasn’t stable… I was very toxic to her as well.

But that’s just me…

I honestly believe if you find someone who is kind and treats you well… it shouldn’t matter if they have MI or not.

I say this all the time… when I look for love… I find chaos… when I look for friendship… I find love.

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The movie Silver Linings Playbook comes to mind. I think they where both bipolar though. Also both reaching for recovery %110. Which is not always the goal of two patients.

None of my relationships with fellow MI patients have ever worked out. Toxic comes to mind. When things get serious emotional baggage gets thrown around in many forms. Most of it irrational. Not saying they are all like that, but please be careful. Mind you, I have never dated a SZ patient only been friends which has never progressed anywhere.

Nope , meeting a partner who had sz would be a nightmare situation. I need to keep my â– â– â– â–  together , it would not help me , if my partner , could not keep her â– â– â– â–  together. Also in terms of grounding delusions, etc , I have seen how delusional people feed off each other and make things worse. One last thing co dependency in the relationship would be a big big problem.

Some people DO pickups with thought broadcasting and will try to talk to you about something private to you. These kind of fix-ups are either good choices with a person who may understand a lot about your city or you get all freaks/weirdos. You have to test it and see. If you get a lot of upsetable people or really confused types, will be better not to answer these. You may also find out the person is completely unstable and plays you…But, if the person tries to call you a nutcase, I would completely ditch this person as a sham…But, some marriages were made this way and people do respect each other with agreement on shared mental illness, targeted individual or abuse victim.

I did not have this kind of situation, I get all weirdos. But, met really nice guy on match and he has some experience with a nervous breakdown. He respects my story and opinion on the social problems without criticism. He’s a lovely person, pastor’s kid.

I can recommend a website where you will find a lot of schizos and others with mental illness diagnoses - You can meet a lot of people on this site.

Thanks a lot for replying to me. I believe people recovering from mental illness or recovered and treated might understand each other better. I did not find the right person yet, so I can not be sure. This it is only my opinion and I am thankful for the possibility to read your posts. I have heard about the site I hope you find happiness and peace in your life. Regards.

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[quote=“Dreamy, post:1, topic:30808, full:true”]Is it wrong to look for love based in schizophrenia? Can you tell me your opinion?[/quote]I don’t think it is wrong, but I don’t think it is for me.

I don’t have any advice to give, but I guarantee my libido and attitudes & beliefs will shift later down the road, which is why I’m listening to the elders of ancient that tell young men to stay celibate if they can do it.

Edit: I personally believe that in the next world there is no SZ, so it’s all really temporal having SZ. Having an eternal love partner shouldn’t be built upon things of this world, in my opinion.