Schizophrenic "Jeporday" game show

77nick77: “I’ll take ‘suffering and misery’ for $200, Alex.”

Alex Trabeck: "OK, name two things that almost killed you but you’re still alive and even happy’?

77nick77: “Uhh, ummm, What is, schizophrenia and drug addiction?”

Alex: “Correct!!”. OK, clear the board."

Hmmm, I don’t know how it ends.

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I’ll fart to that.

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This will go south pretty quick!

When I was with the American Mrs we’d play rock and roll jeopardy online. We both loved music although we were different generations. I was good at punk and 80/90’s alternative. She was good at Beatles, 60/70’s especailly American. We used to do allright and it was a bit of fun!

Not sure if it’s still there but it was a bit of fun. Sz jeopardy woulnd’t be the best fun…hahah

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I like the Wheel of Misfortune. You know the host has a footbrake for the Wheel?

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