Fun at D&B

Had a great time today here with some friends I met through day treatment almost 20 years ago.

It’s a bit pricey but worth saving up for. We pretty much stuck around to the geriatric arcade games like PacMan and Centipede but played some table hockey and driving games too.

I really enjoyed hanging around my fellow sz friends since I could relax more and wasn’t very self conscious about my symptoms because they have their own too. It’s a bit noisy there so it’s kind of high energy but pretty stimulating and fun games.


I’m glad you had fun with your friends :slight_smile:


I myself have met another paranoid schizophrenic full time student through a classmate in the honors psych program. I havent met him in person yet, its finals week, but we have had some good talks over the phone.

It’s best to meet people who actually understand. I always feel like a romantic relationship would never work unless someone has been through what I have to understand why I am the way I am today- headstrong and a little edgy yet hard working and dedicated to what I do. I can’t look back, I break down. I have nightmares and flashbacks off and on. I work hard and do very well as an athlete and student and make sure that I am not wasted potential.

I had a female friend with benefits who had bipolar, one night after our usual pastime (humping like rabbits) she wanted to know about my schizophrenia (its how we met) and I showed her a simulation video of what waking up with paranoid schizophrenia is like. She was in disbelief, she said “You went through that for two years?” and I just said “yep.” Unfortunately she was only interested in having sex with me and when we felt an emotional connection I cut it off- she made me promise when we first slept together not to feel an emotional connection, she doesn’t do romance, she is a med student and doesnt want a commitment. She was also diagnosed with sociopathy, she said.

But then her sociopathy showed itself when she berated me with insults when I cut it off, it was scary, kinda cant believe I was vulnerable to someone like her. It was nice having lots of sex with a smart woman but damn she had problems that needed to be fixed.

sorry to be off topic.

mortimer, I’ve had a relationship with a fella exactly like you, what is your diagnosis?

paranoid schizophrenia and generalized anxiety disorder. I also tested highly for psychopathy but that wasnt diagnosed because of insanity confounding it.