Schizophrenia's defense mechanism property


I know this is conjecture, I am a psych major and I know that it is a brain disease, a neurochemical and structural problem, but I believed my paranoid psychosis felt like a fail safe, a red button. I felt like life was simple, I was being persecuted and it was me against the world, and this actually made me feel less anxious, it was like the answer to all of my problems…just being able to forget everything and focus on surviving was comforting to me. I also wanted people to kill me. It was like I had a death wish that my psychosis brought out in false perceptions. I felt like it made life easier and much simpler and relieved my anxiety…like going back to nature, survival of the fittest, that’s what it felt like.

My point is that my psychosis relieved some of my anxieties about my life and my future, and so I think it served as a sort of extreme defense mechanism.

Do you feel like this or have you every felt like this? That you actually want people to be trying to harm you and humiliate you?

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Yes! My cpn says my psychosis is a protection for me. It gave me some power and whereas in the ‘real’ world i’m not special and I don’t have such power. The fact that I felt I was a storage device for the government, that I have an implant and spies follow me everywhere made me feel certain in my beliefs. I don’t have that luxury when dealing with the common reality. I have deteriorated since having a confrontation at voluntary work because to me my psychosis was certainty and in a way safety even though it was life threatening to me it wasn’t like dealing with people in everyday life. I’m battling this reality everyday. I hope this makes sense, I may not be making myself clear but I do understand where you are coming from!



Sometimes I wonder if our primitive brains are struggling to make sense of this new modern world we have created. For example, if I were living in a jungle somewhere it would be totally normal and healthy to be paranoid about someone or something jumping out of the bushes to kill me. What do I have to be paranoid and suspicious about now?..government, family members, co-workers. I think in a more primitive survival type situation people like us would be doing better. Just a theory, I don’t know how much sense that made.



No but I felt schizophrenic events can happen to further defend the demise of your body.

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