Schizophrenia: What's in my head?

When she’s experiencing hallucinations, artist Sue Morgan feels compelled to draw; to ‘get it out of her head’. Sue was diagnosed with schizophrenia about 20 years ago. The drawing is therapeutic, but it’s also Sue’s way of expressing the complex and sometimes frightening secret world in her head.


That was really good! Her work is so detailed.

The people with famous cases of schizophrenia haven’t changed very much over the years. Used to search for documentaries about sz, pretty sure I found all the ones that were freely available. There weren’t many. Some were super boring.

She’s seems to be pretty functional, which is better than most of the others.

“It’s like everyone is reading your miiinnnd!”

A quote I remember from I don’t know who, but it’s exactly what’s going on in my case. And when they aren’t the voices start.

Gets comfortable after a couple years.

I’ve seen this before. I draw from time to time, usually I produce something every summer

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Art is my output, which is why I’m so sad I’ve become so ill at college. But I will still be going to pottery. I like zentangle which is like meditative doodling, I’m new to it, but get very absorbed by it. I like messy art, I like feeling the art as much as doing it. I’m trying to get back into art journaling. I’m going to make a huge effort to still do art even though I’m not a t college, I’m going to take on this ladies approach use it to get it out… I like her work, didn’t so much like the sound effects to accompany the video though but that’s me right now.

Thanks for sharing!