Schizophrenia, visual problems and retina

schizophrenia is associated with abnormalities in retina and visual problems…
do you have visual problems?

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here is a really strange thing that happend to me: before my schizophrenia i had normal vision not perfect i still needed “driving glasses” but it was okay i never wore em. but now the weirdness kicks in: when i had my breakdown and was forcefully locked in the hospital i had perfect vision without any problem that i could remember. but once i had been given xeplion the vision drastically became bad even worse than before my illness. so my schizophrenia made my vision better but then it went bad again after i “got well”.

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I’ve got black spots and blurs but nothing significant, the eye doctor told me its not serious and it was caused during the stress of my psycosis

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I’ve weared glasses all my life.

Mine more attributed to alcohol dependency than schizophrenia, I think.

I make mistakes driving sometimes.

I have glasses and I have glaucoma.

I have astigmatism and abnormally low vision, something like 40/200 in both eyes. Both my eyes are actually different, the left eye having far-sighted tendency & the right eye having near-sighted tendency.

While definition is very bland, color is very vivid. I also have very good hearing, which I suppose is the flip-side to having bad eye-sight. And yeah, my visual hallucinations are near constant with SZ, whereas the audial hallucinations are infrequent and random.