Retina indicates severity of schizophrenia, scientists discover


I think this retina changes are due to antipsychotic medication and it is not the indicator of Sz.


Do you have a medical background @Aku1 ?

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Sooooo, guess my eye doctor knows.

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I don’t know if it’s due to problems with my retina but i experience extremely strange things with my vision and I’m on the milder end of the spectrum.

No, I am not. But antipsychotic make a lot of changes in mind and body. I have used it.


I had eye problems growing up (no need for glasses though). I couldn’t afford a specialist but he said something might have been wrong. I had black spots in the middle of my vision. I might have had migraines and stuff too growing up.

But ya, I’ve had severe vision problems since being schizophrenic. Meds reduced vision and made dissociation worse. At one point, I needed glasses, but I think the article makes us want to think hallucinations or cognitive disturbances or deficits or something. It’s a marker for a possible test, perhaps?

I had de-realization bad for years. It was severe and chronic. thought I was in a n64, play-station, or video game for years based on my sensory distortions, abnormalities. That’s ignoring all the philosophical nonsense I experience on a daily basis too.

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So, apparently: 1. some scientists think that they can now measure schizophrenia with retinal examinations, 2. some scientists think that they can measure potential for Alzheimer’s with a quick fMRI brain examination, 3. some scientists think that they can measure advanced IQ, or confirm the validity of an IQ test with an fMRI.

What next? A guy walks into a doctor’s office, and the doctor is like: 1. Let me take a picture of your eyes. 2. Let me do an fMRI.

Aha! A doctor might think that I’m a paranoid schizophrenic with an IQ of 159! Certifiable!

It is an interesting time to be alive.

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Healthcare is based on specialization. A lot of new research comes from PhD students writing their dissertation and a lot of it is ad hoc. There just trying to connect the dots to get their doctorate. Or some doctor is trying to get published to get more funding. It’s all about money. Like I was saying the more specialized the testing the more money they can charge. I’ve talked to a lot of doctors in Detroit. To them healthcare is all a game. Get money.