Schizophrenia the alternate reality and life time achievement

What I am saying and do strongly suggest is,

be a proud owner of something and enjoy the perks of ownership, like me living

with my parents and that is living with inheritance, which used to be my complete no, is now

my abode.

And yes accept psychosis in a productive way.

I don’t know the Science of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,

but I am sure accepting psychosis would make it go away like

it will not bother you more, it would actually bother you more if you

go against it as it’s part of us and we can’t or unable to remove it.

That is my quote. My life time achievement.

Everyday if we are finding ourselves busy with trying and trying for some sort of ownership

we will eventually own a new reality

and if we ignore psychosis by accepting it as part of us and it is alternate reality etc and etc

we will completely nullify the damage which is unavoidable or found to be so

…so far.

And yes the truth

Health = Everything

I would not be here if I never took


Would I?

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The name of the game is





.- Sagar Gorijala.