I couldn’t help thinking about my future… the last time I thought about my future was in my early stages of schizo, but looking back, I would never think the same thing, but things still look grimm.

So please tell me, how do you cope with walking up everyday to being conscious of background noises and the usually voice in head nonsense? Or is it just background bullsh1t when your older?


my med stops it, mostly

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Happiness revolves around ownership and or psychosis. - Sagar Gorijala.

This quote is my life time achievement.

So far, I’m still a loser.

We are not the proud owners of a good healthy body, unfortunately. So, we need to understand that and cope with that, f possible. And yes, we must say, it’s possible and I am already on that path, and so goes all the advises, but reality is our health took a serious hit.

We need to accept reality and start to make most of it, if we can permit ourselves to do so.


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Don’t get me wrong… If I heard voices say 23 years from now, same way I hear them today… I’d just break everything, and in truth, it won’the even be out of frustration.

are you taking anything for it?

Got a mad program am on, but it hasn’t been improving lately… @anon93437440 Just bracing for the possible future.

In a way, am asking you all what should I expect from living life as a schizo?

i cant predict the future, sorry, i hope its good for you though, truly

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Yea, me too… I just hope I won’the be hearing the same nonsense I hear now, would be impossible to maintain a responsible attitude to life

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meds are ok, my brain would be doing backflips if it wasnt for that.

Right now, I just thought, “God save my soul”… outside my door a woman was walking by and she repeated, “he just said God save my soul”., stuff like that, my mad program had got rid of it, but now it’s coming back… Just can’t imagine being a 42 year old hearing stuff like that coming out of background noises


what is ‘the mad program?’ is it your own way to cope with it?

if it is then that great if it works, it wouldnt work with me though because i need my medicine.


In addition to taking the medicine, I sleep a lot and rest and rest and rest. I lost it during a stressful point in life even on antipsych and lithium taken religiously. It was horrible what I heard people saying and what I thought the noises meant! So I learned to stay away from stress!

Rest and medication pretty much stops the background noises from becoming directed at me. I mostly just have the negative symptoms of not enjoying things and feeling tired all the time. I am starting to enjoy things more though! I went on a 3 month vacation in Bali, Indonesia and Siem Reap, Cambodia recently! Just taking it easy by the ocean and the pool day after day was magical and getting some exercise seeing the sites was so good for me.

My recovery is really challenged by my living situation now. I live with so much background noise constantly because I live in Cairo, Egypt (long story as to why I’m here - my husband is Egyptian pretty much sums it up). 5 times a day there is a call to prayer. Dogs barking, mules braying, vendors hawking their wares, children playing and there is a shop that builds furniture below me! I am very aware of the noises and once in awhile it sounds like a voice in English but I am able to ignore it.

Having schizophrenia is not the end of your life if you don’t let it be. Avoid stress is main thing I have to add.

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I’ve had psychotic symptoms for 18 years now…things really started improving for me about 5 years back (when I gained insight) and nowadays my psychosis is probably more stable than its ever been. Insight is in my opinion the most important thing to keep yourself well…meds and therapy also lead to a lot of stability. Don’t give up on your future just yet.

I have grown accustomed and desensitized to a lot of the things I experience, yes. A lot of things used to terrify me that I can now rationalize my way through.


What I am saying and do strongly suggest is,

be a proud owner of something and enjoy the perks of ownership, like me living

with my parents and that is living with inheritance, which used to be my complete no, is now

my abode.

And yes accept psychosis in a productive way.

I don’t know the Science of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,

but I am sure accepting psychosis would make it go away like

it will not bother you more, it would actually bother you more if you

go against it as it’s part of us and we can’t or unable to remove it.

That is my quote. My life time achievement.


In my experience, as you get older, (I have 34 years of experience with sz and sza symptoms), your pdoc gets better and better at prescribing medication regimens that work great on your symptoms so that as time goes on, you have less and less symptoms. It pays to stick to the same pdoc over many years. I’ve had my present pdoc for the last 21 years.


ive been schizy since age 13, i am 23.

i am aggressive and assertive in my pursuit of well being. part of it is accepting we have a ■■■■ illness, the other part is accepting it while moving on because there is nothing like defying it.


First real psychosis at age 19, I’m 33 now.

Medication stopped most of the voices and stuff, but I still get severe paranoia. Sometimes, residual voices (like not full out loud and I can’t pay attention to anything else, but still I hear something in my mind that my voices would be saying).

How I cope:

I tell myself that I have my constitutional rights and that I have every right to do what everybody else does; including getting work, dating, etc…

I had imposter syndrome as a college student while I was getting my degrees post-diagnosis. I wasn’t psychotic but I heard a lot of residual voices. Mainly, I reasoned my way out of those situations by writing my feelings and justifications for going to school and living life as though I was normal: it’s my universal right to do so. I am protected under the constitution and I can do what I want so long as I don’t violate any laws.

I spent a lot of time writing my fears (what the residual voices would say) and writing what I could do to alleviate those fears and why I should overcome those fears. So, I would say journaling helped a lot.


I’m a 5 years person with Schizophrenia. I take medicine and avoid stressful situations. I try to avoid triggers. It would be nice if I my mom didn’t have her perverted ex-boyfriend “friend” come over to my our house. I pay half the rent and bills, so I should have some say as to who stays the night. A few months ago he was loudly masturbating in the room next to my mom’s room. I don’t have people over who harass my mom, so shouldn’t she give me the same consideration?

I just told my dad about it, but he didn’t see the masturbation as intentional, because well, he’s a white man with all of the privilege that entails. Remember, men never do anything wrong ever kiddies!!!

Thank you @loveaguilarg. . I appreciate what you just said… Thanks everyone else who replied,

It just gets harder and harder as time goes on.

After a bit there is nothing left of you.

All that i see turns to brown.