You can be a victim or get on with life

you can be a victim or you can get on with your life…OF SCHIZOPHRENIA…! Hi Dr Zen Here…
one of the things that was said to many years ago. and I try to live up to it. but they tend to forget. so you have to remind them, that there place an’t perfect. do you know what this mean’s, this is something normal tend to for get were they come from. we are all struggling to in Hans are lives . for equity and comfordablity. don’t bet your self up over stupid thoughts that haunts the caves of the mind, just let it pass, and find inter peace. pain’s may come and go. but health is best keep up to inshore the best quality you may have, find it is a task. and if your lucky and strong you well achieve it .


I’ve never really understood the concept of having to fight people for your God given peace of mind.

The fact that I’ve met months unmedixated doing absolutely ehatever I want eith no voices then baxk to the point of constant voices even when my stomach growls or my nose hair whistles.

There is something more to this ■■■■.

Yeah, I think a part of it is responsibility process, acceptance of it all and choicing to come to same conclusions of it all whether we like it, that it all the mind thinking process is schizophrenic and from schizophrenia, all just overactive imagination or like throwing everything we know to the side and being open to re-adapt to reality; life social work school friends etc. willing to make sound and well choices in medication and seeking ways to get better and being open in life and about our illness.

And that all comes to the reality that when we understand we don’t have the answer for schizophrenia, in or heads out of our head etc,. Delusions

So like I came to the idea, okay i acknowledge that I don’t have favour to the symptoms or all of this mess, and misfavour to it all and all of it , experience tells me time and time again it’s real I don’t have the answer and I know it’s real even though it’s a very hard thing to do that I really don’t have the answer or the fix. and at the same time I went through the process of understanding that I actually don’t have a answer to or for it all. even if it like a life mission to be sane again. And let go and just went on my day like normal that helped me. Just living with it all doing whatever your doing in your life. And just continued on doing what im doing

Had to read that twice to get the meaning :smile:

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Speech to text possibly? Lol

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