Schizophrenia stigma

I told my friends about This but I wanted to share here.

A couple days ago i ran into a person I talk to sometimes. We got on the topic of my mental health. I mentioned that it wasn’t depression I have, as they asked how my depression was, but schizophrenia. I didn’t want to try to explain how schizoaffective works.

Her eyes got big and she goes " you don’t act likeit. You’re not out setting fires and carving crosses in stuff"

Um, what?!

We do have a few very ill people in our area and folks get shipped to our hospital that are really off. But still. I just told her I’m typical. I’m thinking I should maybe tell more people so they see we’re not all dangerous. I’m afraid of some responses. But if I keep hiding it then no one will be educated. I already have 3 people who learned that sz doesn’t mean dangerous.


I live in a liberal state, keep to myself, and have minor issues. Mainly, when I talk about aliens. My 1 friend knows i have schizophrenia but i keep my stuff private mostly. 21st century living is great. Us is great compared to most countries. My family are evangelicals so I get frustrated a lot. My mom tries to convert me and it probably worked even though I have a hard time believing it is the truth or literal…I think of ancient astronaut theory from the show…

Anyways, I dont look schizophrenic just when I decide to share. My stepbrother says people love us and stuff because it’s sort of like a disadvantage and we are smart. That was nice hearing that. I just want to overcome this disadvantage and make a success story.

I lost most if not all of my friends. A lot of it was my choice. I deleted my Facebook, posted weird stuff, felt embarassed, and stuff. I went to an extremely liberal and open minded college so I feel good in most ways. But even then there is and was discrimination. Even more towards Asperger’s syndrome than schizophrenia in my case.


My stepbrother says I’m eccentric not really crazy. His uncle is schizophrenic and worse off than me. Im blessed. I have thoughts that people from my old school know I post here and think I’m a lunatic and stuff. They dont bother me and leave me alone. There were a few schizophrenics at my school. Never thought I’d get it.

My ex friend said I wasnt crazy years ago but that was before I started going down the rabbit hole per se. Maybe I say that as a self defense mechanism.


I keep my sz hidden from most people because I’m scared of how they will think of me. I think stigma is a very big thing and in the Bible belt it tends to be even worse because they always tell me “leave it to god and he will heal you” and “stop your meds and trust he’ll heal you” I’ll be respectful of your religion but don’t push me away from my meds.


I don’t talk delusional or anything. No one expects you to seem normal. And religion, yuck. I’m an atheist and that gets more flack that sz!


I was one of the lunatics metaphorically setting fires. If someone were to ask me why I was doing that I would tell them it was because I quit my meds cold turkey without a docs permission. I don’t talk with anyone in real life. Just from looking at the news it seems mental illness is getting more attention lately because of political agendas. Can’t wait for everyone to forget about us again.


I live in probably the most liberal areligious state there is. Not a single person I have told about my diagnosis has cared. It might be young people though. I might possibly move to Austin TX in a couple years and I worry it might be different.

People here really have an agenda against schizophrenics. They want them to look gross. They’re always screwing around with you, because they want you to make the intellectually inferior seem superior. They want the dumbest people alive, to dictate your life, and if you don’t let them, or don’t want to live, how they think an idiot should live, they tell sick disgusting lies about you.

Everyone I know knows my diagnosis…I am open about it…and I was open about it with every woman I approached when looking for a partner…Angie knew right away and she wasn’t afraid…she’s cool like that.


It depends where you live. Some countries accept these “diagnoses” very well. Here in Brazil, it’s still a mess because my country is not very well educated.

I had heard an absurd story of a mother here in Brazil who wouldn’t let his son get outside alone because, if he commited a crime, she would be responsible for that (there’s a law that says parents are responsible if their son diagnosed with schizophrenia commits a crime). From what she said to me, his son keeps himself all the time in his bedroom and doesn’t talk to her. It’s very abusive from her.

By the way, there are people diagnosed with schizophrenia who they themselves say they are dangerou (even if they haven’t commited a crime). So they don’t help at all with their own problem.

When my now ex-wife told her new boyfriend that I had schizophrenia, he said “he’s not going to kill me is he”. I don’t know if he was joking. My ex-wife told me that’s what he said. The general public is more dangerous than the majority of people with schizophrenia. Most people are vastly uneducated in psychology.


It is true that Schizophrenia is viewed as a very dangerous and unmanageable condition by so many people. They don’t realize that we are not offensive and dangerous as a rule. In fact schizophrenics are at the receiving end of violence rather than perpetrating it. An average man does not have enough knowledge about Schizophrenia. They are not doctors after all. We must pardon them and try to mingle with people who are friendly with us. Social isolation is the worst thing which can happen with Schizophrenics who can get better with social exposure.


I’ve been through literal hell, tortured by this disease and the last thing I need is people thinking I’m going to stab them. I’m scared of everything at times, trust me I’m harmless.


I try and be careful who I tell, has to be people who I think are worthy of knowing, if they know me then that’s half the battle as they say

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I had some friends I told and I have not heard from them since. That was five years ago now.


Agee @insidemind I deleted all Facebook,Twitter + YouTube and cut off most friends from former Jobs.Told a few the truth about my SZ and they starting acting different towards myself.

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When people find out I have schizophrenia, like my mom’s friends or whatever, they tend to react with “oh, that explains a lot,” which I suppose is better than fear. It’s just a little disheartening that, no matter how much better I get, it’s still very obvious to everyone around me that I’m schizo.

When I tell people about my schizophrenia, they usually say “you don’t look crazy”. Lol.

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One woman asked me what’s the other name for schizophrenia. She remained silent for a few moments, thinking deeply, and suddenly she found the right world: bipolar. Lol. You’re wrong,
I told her. Lol. People are ignorant

There is tonnes of evidence and scientific reports about our disease and its identifications and according to them We are not dangerous than any other normal people. And plus our percentage is so low in population thats why they can not say we are public health problem according to who. So every actions against our patients right is illegal as long as we are on medication.

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