Schizophrenia may cause type 2 diabetes, new study finds

Full Research Paper Here:


my dad is a Sz and as type two diabetes,!! metformin van be good…!!

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There was a young woman at our assisted living center who got type 2 diabetes from Zyprexa. She was a beneficiary of a class action law suit against the makers of Zyprexa. I think that when it was all settled she walked away with $13,000.00.

I’m diagnosed with Schizophrenia (SZA) and Diabetes and I’m not buying it.
Diabetes or Hyperglycemia is a direct cause of taking Antipsychotic medications.
This is definitely the case with me.
It’s a well known side effect.

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I believe it. When I had my third psychotic break I went to this fancy hospital where they worked me up and told me that I had abnormally high cortisol levels.
They even had me looked at by an endocrinologist.
Although I still think that if I weren’t on antipsychotics I would stand much less of a chance of getting diabetes, because I try to keep in good shape.

Well thank you for this news. Even if it is terrible. Something to watch out for I guess.

For those interested;research paper.

Weight gain, by whatever source, increases the chances of type 2 diabetes. Thus I would speculate that if a person loses weight then their chances of having type 2 diabetes would decrease.

I am effected from last 4 years.

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Ah that’s terrible…we really do need these new meds to hurry up…

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just more proof that having a psychotic disorder is like having a terminal illness.
If you don’t die by your own hand then there are a host of other ailments that will take you out. Its really a shame when you hear that someone with serious mental illness passes away before their time. They do indeed need to find us better treatments so we can enjoy good health like everybody else.
Keeping good Health is a decision and if you have a major mental illness the decision is immediately off the table.