Schizophrenia made me a skeptic

I think after having several psychotic episodes I have become disillusioned from a lot of pseudo science stuff or unproven mystical ideas.

It pretty much taught me to not just take someone’s word for truth and to analyse it and research it.

I’ve essentially become far more analytical and far less gullible.

That’s is a pro for me coming down with sz.

Example: today my employee was telling me about these new “energy patches” that he wears and says they totally work.

First question I asked … what are the ingredients in it?

He says ahhhh I’m not sure I’m not Good at explaining scientific things.

So I’m like “so you have no idea what it is?”

He’s like "well they say it is non transdermal and helps with thermodynamics.

So I say "ok so it doesn’t go in your in your skin as it is a patch so it sits on top of your skin , hence the term “non transdermal.” LOL

Then he just says I dunno it works though!

Classic placebo lol


I’ve always subscribed to the ancient Greek skeptic philosophy. “Nothing is certain, not even that.”


Yep , being schiz and being so absultely certain of something only to find out that i was way way off , 100% wrong , not even in the ball park , made me think as well


i used to believe in telepathy but not anymore, though they try and convince me daily. in fact they never stop trying to convince me. or threatening me and my family.

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Jayne–you know to tell them where to go :wink:

too right hunni. ■■■■ em!! excuse my french lol.