Schizophrenia: 'I felt like I'd been given a life sentence'

An Interesting story:

When Jonny Benjamin describes his experience of growing up with a serious mental illness during his teens and early 20s, it can make for harrowing listening. He talks of the loneliness he felt keeping his distress hidden from those closest to him; of depression, “total hopelessness”, self-harm, suicide attempts and repeated struggles to find the right kind of support within the health system. But, for all of these challenges, the 26-year-old has recently emerged as something of an inadvertent champion of young people’s mental health.

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I’m not sure what i think of people who become mental health ‘celebrities’/ names via blogs and vlogs. How much do they truly represent the average person with mental illness?
He’s certainly very popular among the in crowd of mental health activists and service users in the UK though.

I think he have made a documentary by him self…it was good.