Johnny Benjamin Recovery from Schizophrenia Documentary

A good personal documentary by Johnny Benjamin in the UK:

His Blog is here:

His Twitter Feed here:

His Youtube Channel:


He is really cute… How did he keep the weight down?


Thanks so much for the support, very touched..still in hospital but hoping it won't be too long a stay, just while they sort out right meds

— Jonny Benjamin (@MrJonnyBenjamin) October 16, 2014

I really admire this guys quiet nature and how he’s managed his illness.

He seems very kind and patient. I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas from his uploads.

Sorry to hear he’s in hospital, but it sounds like he’s staying hopeful and will be getting back on track very soon.


Good post,

…by the way have you any othter good links??

Hi @karl. Good to see you posting again. What types of links are you interested in?

HAs anyone got good youtube links that are good. Id appreciate any. of you have link @barbiebf and also anyone else whose got good links. Maybe we could have a thread with links to youtube that inform? Many thanks for any input.

I haven’t spent much time on youtube and therefore I don’t post a lot of links to it. There are a couple of people/groups that I subscribe to that you may find informative.

This is my youtube channel:

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I’m sorry to hear he’s in hospital… I’ve seen some of his videos he seems like a kind , nice person.

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I have very mixed views about mental health media celebrities. On one hand they put mental illness more in the public domain, but on the other hand it can give an impression that to be acceptable as a mentally ill person you need to be articulate/intellligent/media savvy/ and photogenic. Very few of us fit all those categories.
Unfortunately the Time to Change stigma campaign pushes such people as the public friendly face of mental illness whilst doing little to combat stigma against those who don’t fit into those categories, and who are the ugly ducklings not the swans of the psychiatric world.

That having been said I hope he makes a speedy recovery.


I like Johnny Benjamin; his find mike campaign hit a nerve, I only recently discovered his YouTube channel thanks to @SurprisedJ, thank you by the way!

I’m sorry to hear he’s in hospital, hopefully he’ll be out soon; sounds like he’s keeping his head on his shoulders about it!

I will watch this soon!


Q&A with Jonny Benjamin: #FindMike campaigner with schizophrenia

In support of the Guardian and Observer Christmas appeal on mental health, Jonny Benjamin has agreed to answer questions from readers.

Benjamin says: “I was terrified to talk openly about my mental health issues because of the stigma around mental health and suffered in silence for a long time. When I finally opened up about my mental illness it was a huge relief and now I campaign to encourage others to do the same. I want people to know there is no shame or embarrassment in having a mental health issue.”

Ask Jonny Benjamin your questions

What would you like to ask Jonny Benjamin?

You can submit your questions to Jonny until Friday in the comments below or by using the hashtag #AskJonny on twitter @SocietyGuardian, @EmmaEHoward or on our mental health Tumblr. You can also use the google form below if you wish to remain anonymous.


Recoverlog 9: Going back into hospital

— Jonny Benjamin (@MrJonnyBenjamin) December 21, 2014

Recoverlog 10 - Coming out of hospital

— Jonny Benjamin (@MrJonnyBenjamin) January 23, 2015

I’m wary of mental illness “celebrities”. It’s easy to be seen in a good light if you are articulate,intelligent and media savvy, but what about the mentally ill who don’t fit that bill? If people will only accept the mentally ill if they are like Jonny Benjamin and other mental illness “celebrities” how does that really advance the fight against stigma etc?
Should we only feel sympathy and be positive towards cancer sufferers who are articulate,intelligent, and media savvy?

I don’t agree with you. You are intelligent too! If you want, you can be famous, you can tell your friends about your illness or more, you choose, and try to support yourself. Almost everyone of us can do that, as many as possible that could accept it know about our illness, is a fight against stigma, because hiding it from the appropriate people, never was good for anyone I guess.

Johnny is not a celebrity that I know of. He is being accepted because he is putting himself out there to fight stigma.

@BarbieBF He is in the sense that he is a high profile media savvy person with mental illness that gets used for talks on mental health and has a youtube channel etc.

You really have problems. How on earth can you even type that? Bitter and jealous.

Edit: “Bitter and jealous” is a bit harsh. I apologize.

It was a valid point.

No, it isn’t a valid point. Your whole premise is the false belief that people will only care about “articulate, intelligent, and media savvy” people who have mental illness. That just isn’t true.