Anyone try Modafinil/Provigil?

Was thinking of asking my doctor about it.

Check out these older posts:

So it may cause psychosis…so my pdoc probably won’t give it to me.

what do you think of giving schizophrenics Alzheimer’s drugs? Have you heard of this?

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I read that Modafinil can cause some sort of damage when taken for lengthy periods…

it’s not recommended to take it as it causes some sort of brain related damage

Yes - people are working on this. But - there is nothing yet very effective on Alz so until there is, don’t worry about it.

Encenicline is being tested for both schizophrenia and Alz.

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Selegiline is for

Parkinsons disease

also for depression

also for Schizophrenia

so drugs can have other benefits too for example Donpazil is used for Alzheimer’s also for improving memory anyone who uses it

In the past I’ve used Donpazil and discontinued it as I never had enough money

Has selegiline reduced your negative symptoms? Is it better than sarcosine?

Both are good. I used sarcosine+noopept and that was awesome

Selegiline 20 mg is also awesome but cheaper

if you have money go for all three of them

I’ve been using aniracetam instead of noopept. I don’t want dissociation.

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I think you are exaggerating the benefits of noopept but I could be wrong.

I never found it on internet but someone here is typing so

is dis… real?

night no light so …

Also I feel slight dissociation/derealization

not found in any important websites

There doesn’t seem to be much history or research of its use in schizophrenia - the research related to negative symptoms seems very preliminary and inconclusive so far:


Given the limitations of current literature, low-dose oral selegiline cannot be recommended for treatment of negative symptoms associated with schizophrenia

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I tried it and it made me psychotic.

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It seems to work well for some, and make things way worse for others…similar to psych medds in general.

Can you please share your personal experience with Modalert?

I cannot say that my first impression of the pills was excellent. I got first pill about 4pm and went to my work after two hours I began to feel slight anxiety and nervousness.

I am on modafilnil 100mg …it keeps me alert during the day and prevents the drowsiness caused by risperdal…it also enhances cognition to some extent .

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