Schizophrenia as you age

I wondered how old you were when you were diagnosed and how, as you age, has your schizophrenia affected you.

I was twenty four when diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.
I’m now thirty six.

I have memory problems, cognitive problems and emotional numbness that have increased as I age.

A sort of deterioration.

My visual hallucinations have become less; they are also less because I’ve practice sobriety in life.

The auditory hallucinations have decreased in severity as I age, as long as I keep a sober lifestyle.

Although at this time, they are persecutory and are no longer of a religious theme, dominating my whole day.

However, even medicated I hear voices all day.
I do not attribute this fact to age.

Have your hallucinations changed as you’ve aged?


When I was in my teens, I was very prodromal with a very bad case of bulimia as my main symptom. I was also very isolated and alone with no friends.

In my 20’s, I suddenly became psychotic on my first day of nursing school. I suspected what was happening and I hid it from my teachers and kept it under wraps for 2 years while finishing my associates degree. If my psychosis had been discovered, I would have been evicted from the school, back in the early 80’s as it were.

In my early 30’s, I suddenly became extremely depressed and suicidal in response to a letter I received from my ex husband. I threatened suicide and landed in the hospital. This was the first of many revolving door hospitalizations from 1991 to 2005, when they ended. Almost all the hospitalizations were for either a suicide attempt or ideations.

At age 45, in 2005, all my depression and suicidality came to an abrupt halt. I was still very paranoid however with symptoms of psychosis such as telepathy, thought insertions, broadcasting and control, and delusions of reference.

In 2016, at age 56, the psychosis ended as well.


Umm… well, I was diagnosed sz when I was 22, then sza when I was 25… now I am 27.

I can’t absorb new information like I used to, I have pretty bad memory, my delusions and or thoughts about past breaks kind of mess with me a bit… make it harder to live a normal life.
I don’t really hear voices anymore and I don’t have visual hallucinations anymore.


I have such a sad, bad, and long story to tell because I am so old. Only reason.



Thanks for your story.
You’ve been through a lot and I admire your courage.

It’s interesting your psychosis just stopped, but that it took over ten years.

I also suffer from symptoms of telepathy and broadcasting; as well as auditory hallucinations that try and control my whole life.

I hope with time, like yours, they will stop.


We have all made mistakes.

I can only learn with repetition because of my memory issues.
Thank you for your story Human!


Actually my psychosis began way earlier in 1983 but that’s neither here nor there, the point is I’m no longer in psychotic misery.


I got diagnosed at 17 here in the US.

The doctors say its getting worse. I feel fine most times just completely catatonic or in another reality. I’m trying this New med out hopefully I recover and can go back into society since I’m more of a hermit. Lol : )


It’s gotten easier for me as I got older. A lot of things started getting better after I met my GF twenty or so years ago. She eventually sobered me up and has been very kind and patient with me.
I still hear voices, but since I realized I had to take my meds religiously and as directed, my life has improved drastically. The side effects and negative symptoms gradually decreased and in a lot of ways, I’m happier then even before the voices started.
Once you learn to accept that you have a real medical illness that requires lifelong treatment, it gets easier and easier. And above all you need to learn to be kind to yourself.


When it started at 23 I was young and psychically strong but my mind was jello. So as I went through my 20’s I’d do major physical feats like walking or biking for many miles in spite of the insomnia while flunking out of school or not being able to hold down a job. By my late 20’s I was able to start working due to an improvement in my meds. However it was volunteer, and the meds began to increase my weight steadily.
In my 30’s after years of practically being ignored by the opposite sex two 23 year old women showed some interest. However I had failed to leave my Mother’s house and was in bad shape vocationally, socially, and mobility wise and both relationships failed miserably. I did however reach the height of my vocation skills working as a VISTA volunteer for 3 years.
In my 40’s I went back to school and obtained a associate’s degree and got an apartment. However my father’s death combined with a bad drug change and some drug abuse led to a relapse and 4 psych ward appearances which destroyed my desire to succeed in life. I also had no more serious attention from the opposite sex.

In my 50’s I went to a group home and can only say I survived the pandemic. . My weight ballooned and I became diabetic. Now I am trying to get back in shape but having a difficult time However my voices have never been better. On the rare occasion they do speak we tend to get along a lot better than we did. I do have troubles with the negative symptoms however.


I contracted it when I was 17 in 1991

I didn’t accept something is wrong with me until 2009. Then I saw a pdoc who diagnosed it as schizophrenia. Have been on meds since then.

When I started out on meds I was a bit violent and irritated, all that has died out but I think now I have migrated to negative symptoms.

So as I have aged I have become quiet and sober n more peaceful and now in my mid 40s I am ok but have the negatives to deal with

I wish I could be symptom free and come off meds


That’s a early diagnosis; usually it’s in mid twenties.

I feel the same way.

Great news!

That’s how I feel sometimes.

That’s what’s happening to me.

Same age as @anon97970229;


I’ve improved with age. I was diagnosed at 26 I am now 43.

I think clearly, my psychosis is at bay, everything is better in my 40’s than it has ever been.

I just have insomnia problems, like insanely bad insomnia.


I was 30 years old when first diagnosed medically, but suffered for many years before that. I’m 51 years old now and still suffer from delusions, paranoid thinking and lack of motivation. Hopefully as I grow older symptoms will get less severe.


İ was diagnosed at the age of 30 now i m 39 but i used to have severe depression and mild paranoia since my teenage.but after i began to treatment my depression mostly lost.but i have still some paranoias and hypocondriac fears.


I was diagnosed at age 27,
now i am 31.
Positives got way worse,
negatives way better.


May I ask what your doctor says about still having delusions 21 years later?

Thank you for sharing @Dustypages, @Om_Sadasiva .


Basically when I go off my meds I start thinking strangely and believe things that aren’t true. My doctor just tells me to stay on my meds, he says I might always be this way no matter my age.


This is my first post so forgive me if I am doing something incorrectly. Please let me know if I’m doing anything wrong.

I was in my mid twenties when I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I was very ill. I was in a state hospital. I was then in and out of the hospitals for so very long. I should have stayed on olanzapine (one of my 3 antipsychotic pills I take) and saved myself heartache. I have been hospital free for maybe 5 years now though.

I am now 37. I have developed bad memory, cognitive, motivation, and emotional numbness and negative symptoms as I’ve gotten older. I did not have this when I was younger. I hate to see others have similar issues. But I am relieved to know I’m not alone. Very relieved in fact. I thought I was losing my mind.

I do also continue to have bad paranoia and hear voices too.

My delusions have gotten better I just realized. I haven’t gotten a message on the TV or radio in maybe months now. Before, I was getting them regularly. It was scary.

I used to see different colored insects coming down in my home but now I just see them briefly out of the corner of my eye. Like if I am really stressed I might see them. Otherwise I don’t see things much anymore.

So, I guess some things are better. Some are the same. Some have gotten worse for me. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. (Oh. I am also sober as well.)


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