Schizophrenia and homelessness

I have been homeless for about 4 years on and off. I have been sober for a year and a half so now i am trying to feel out the boundaries of my abilities and what i can do to enhance my functioning via healthy eating etc…i work temp jobs even though i feel the thought broad casting symptoms i feel i have are excruciatingly painful. My main goal is to rid of that symptom every day now without meds cus i dont prefer taking meds.Havent been on meds for years now. I also hadnt experienced psychosis for some time until recently and i just had to put up with it affecting my work and co workers seeing me going through that but they just thought i came to work high as fuc, because i dont tell anyone about my diagnosis. I also put on the show of like i was high a little bit even though ive been sober a year and a half. Suggestions on reducing symptoms if any one has any via all natural?

I dont know man, Don’t believe it, try not to think about it.

Do you have accompanying hallucinations? Or is it just the extreme feeling that people can hear your thoughts.

The human psyche is very flexible and potentially dark. I know how it seems like these people seem like they are made of something else… Remember they really aren’t. They are probably very similar to you, but fit in better to focusing on life.

When dealing with this (and I still do) it was easy to feel like I had been kicked out of life… by pretty much everyone. That’s ■■■■■■■■ though man. It’s not real.

Any ways I feel you man. Focus on some real world ■■■■, try not to think about telepathy. It takes time but you can kick the idea out of your head.


It wasnt difficult for me to get rid of that delsuion, but my other delusions called erotomanic delusions are stuck as hell.

Same thing happened me. Was off meds for 2 years, them boom, completely psychotic. You need meds otherwise things are going to start getting much worse over time. Get back on meds while you can still think somewhat straight.

Nobody likes meds, but they stop us from becoming psychotic and harming ourselves or others.


Thanks really good advice.

Thanks really good advice from everyone, thanks for the input guys.

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I do not know, but I know how it is in the streets in America. I lived over two years in my auto, Mazda 626, and the only address I had was a mailbox in one storage location in Miami. During these years I went to a motel only twice: once in the beginning of my auto stay in Miami and then in the end of my stay when I went to a hotel for three days near the Miami International Airport and then I flew to Brussels, Belgium.

Homelessness is not a mental illness, loneliness is something of an illness but those around the lonely are the ill ones. That may lead to drug addiction. Some are addicted to chicken nuggets and menthol cigarettes that contain traces of fiber glass, arsenic, carcinogen, and methaphetamines and that ■■■■ they mummified brains with back in the day. So the state of mind stays the same. How can you just walk by someone? When you drive, I keep stepping over those sidewalk lines.

My recent psychosis happened after another guy with one punch. I was paranoid about the cops and everytime i talked about it at work, the more i felt the psychosis come on. So i just had to change the subject. Was really close to quitting. First time i knocked a guy out. Shoulve taken a selfie right then.

I couldn’t remember the word so I looked it up, formeldehyde. Tobacco preservative; also used for slowing brain chemicals: beneficial for induced comatose state in urgency when suffering near a mortal wound; also not so bad when on “atypical” and “typical” psychotropic medications that produce simulated brain chemistry akin to other brains with deluded thought processi, much like a drug dealer to a psychiatrist. As it has not been proven what chemical imbalance causes schizophrenia, much like some do with poppy flowers, others do with tobacco. Before we go off-topic regarding homelessness, the human brain is hardwired for survival when not heavily altered with mass amounts of synthetically produced chemicals. In short, the natural body knows that without the earth we as people are near nothing alone. Much like some know that about their own parents or friends.

I’d just quit talking about it.

Hah to your avatar.

In short, make a better day starting today.

I herd too many voices and thought broadcasting when I worked off meds. Drove me nuts. I still get them, just not as bad. I take as little medication as possible or I start to freak out. :dancers:

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Ya, i was looking for an avatar but i just decided to make this one. Yup tomorrows another day. Work and serenity. Im going to just keep my mind focused on how bad i need the money.

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Ya i was going to make another one but it would read, "I don’t always freak out, but when I do, I go full on schizophrenic.

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Hah, nah man this one’s good, I laugh every time I read it.