Schizoaffective Remission Question

I heard regarding to schizoaffective that ‘almost half of affected individuals see their symptoms go into remission after five years’.
What does this mean? Does the initial psychosis for these people last 5 years? And do they never get psychosis again after that?

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Are you taking medication?

It’s different for everyone but I had no psychosis for 10 years on meds. Came off the antipsychotic and was fine until I tried an antidepressant which caused psychosis.

I got sza in 2002 and went into remission in 2005. Two years later I stopped meds gradually with help of pdoc

Five years coped ok off meds

Then in 2012 I relapsed and my sza returned. Started meds again. Been on them ever since

I have not gone into remission for long again and never off meds

I’ve had more relapses over the years.

It’s now meds for life

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