Schizoaffective auditory hallucinators

Do you or have you hallucinated people talking to you, about you and what kind of medication are you on?
I’m on invega sustenna 234mg and do still have mild hallucinations after two months of use. People’s voices insists that they are real which makes it really hard to deal with even in mild form.

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I do, in episodes, it sounds like a crowded room of people hurling insults at me, sometimes spirits. I’m on 2mg risperidone and 120 latuda. Med have lessened the frequency and volume, but not taken it away completely

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When my father was with me in the hospital after a really bad psychosis, I heard his voice telling other people there how disappointed he was in me. Completely believed it at the time. But when I told my bro about it a few days later, he asked “Do you really think our father would talk in public like that whether he liked you or not?” I realized he never would and that it had been a hallucination. That was when I finally had to admit that I was schizophrenic.

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Yeah i get this often meds have helped alot also just not taking them seriously or letting them effect how you feel helps.


I have hallucinated people talking to me and about me. I am on 120mg of Latuda. I have only hallucinated one night in months though.

Latuda worked for me last year, but I skipped some doses and it almost completely stopped working. Now I’m stuck with voices every day with invega

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