Scheduling an appointment for surgery

Well I put it off so long I am walking with a cane I’m barely getting around my girlfriend and friends want me to stay home because of my fall I had last week even though I don’t feel my hip is broken I have osteosclerosis and my hip is wearing out call to make the appointment today and the doctor who will do the surgery is on vacation till the 29th after the 29th it will be scheduled then there’s the process of spending two weeks in recovery how to care facility somewhere near here I am scared and not looking forward to this but I know it is necessary thank you for your time


Good luck with the surgery DrZen. You’ll be fine.


Sorry to hear about your fall :confused:

that sucks the doctor isn’t in till after the 29th…

Hope things work out for you DrZen


Good luck with the surgery. Hope all goes well

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Best wishes to you @DrZen. Hope everything works out.

Hang in there Dr. Better to get these things dealt with moving forward. Good luck with it.

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Good luck with your surgery DrZen. Sorry that you have to wait for it.

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