Scary threats

Just heard someone say that they would pay someone to kill me and maybe my family too. Am hoping these thoughts will go away. There are people out there brutal enough to do this. I pray we will all be safe.

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I assure you nobody wants to kill you . . .you are not anybody important. You are just a normal person who lives a normal life. :peace:

Hi cherie I feel that someone is mad at me because they think i did something to their son or nephew. And they are high up in the government to have much influence.

what do they think you did?!

I guess - you didn’t really do anything - at all. How did you hear this?

I don’t know maybe i did something psychicly to him. But i don’t know what he looks like.

yeah so it is only in your delusional mind - remember you are mentally ill. Nobody will do anything to you . . you are safe :angel: Please call your doc


You should get help from your doctor. In the meantime try to distract yourself with other things and block out the repetitive thoughts.
I don’t know how “normal” you are :wink:, but cherie’s right that you’re not likely the target of anyone.
Try to get some sleep.