Scary movies.. schizophrenia

I feel your pain, Sturgeon’s Law is very much in effect in horror movies, but there are some really good ones still. For example, my favorite horror movie in terms of scariness is probably [REC] . I’ve heard the argument that it doesn’t scare as much as startle, and I can definitely see the point, but it has pacing and timing that really prevents you from recovering your cool.

Also, The Strangers is probably one of the most atmospheric horror movies I’ve seen in a while, although the characters act like idiots occasionally. Pretty much the same problem with Paranormal Activity, but it’s scares are wicked effective, I guess you could call it minimalist horror in a way.

That’s all the horror movies I’ve personally found scary recently, it’s a pretty short list, but I’m kinda hard to scare.

Junk in junk out. I don’t watch scary movies.

Eh, I think it all depends on the horror movie.

I find all the new ones super depressing and disgusting.

I mostly like the old 60’s and 70’s ones. They were kinda campy and fun.

Overall though if the movie feeds any delusion or deeply disturbs you I say stay away.

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Pennywise the dancing clown. Stephen king wat have u done?..

I can’t watch stuff like paranormal activity.

But yea attention span is another issue

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