Scared of being poisoned

I’m not sure if this is an unusual belief but for a long time ive been scared that numerous people were plotting to poison me, and today is one of those days. I cant trust doctors and the meds they give me. I have a dermatologist appointment today and I know that shes going to to put me on antibiotics but im not taking them. Should I tell her that I know shes trying to poison me?? shes done it before last time I was on antibiotics i threw up for days.

Hmm… Yeah you know what helped me come out of this thinking was to cause a scene like that in a non violent way. You should accuse people of trying to poison you and then guage their reaction. At least that’s what I did. I still do it… It’s always the same non chillant retort… And then nothing ever really happens.

Here’s what your caregivers will say: are you taking your meds?

It just doesn’t make any sense man at the end of the day it’s just laziness…,…

thinking that someone is trying to poison you…is normal for sz…but it is a delusion.
remember we are ill…not balanced…so therefore we view the world in a rather hostile way.
we see enemies where there are none…
in reality people are trying to help us.
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien:

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I have the same fears. You have to tell yourself that no one cares enough to poison you. Doctors are here to help and they would never do that.

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so i went to my doctor, of course she prescribed more meds and im just hoping that you guys are right.

There have been so many different people and organizations in attempting to kill me over the many years with having this disorder that I feel I have become invincible and immune to their many ways and means to kill me. So now I have evolved (delusionally) into being an immortal being.

I have these fears also.

This is frequent worry for new schizos. It is almost impossible this would happen unless your wife has $1million life insurance on you…If your fridge keeps failing and freezing stuff, why not eat out for a while or get TV dinners to microwave for a while. With a little fruit kept at room temperature, is a healthy enough choice when stressing.