Saying things that you regret

So I went to the family Christmas party yesterday. I was trying to be sociable but ended up saying things that I regret to people. Sometimes I feel the need to create conversation and end up talking about subjects that make other people angry or uncomfortable. I’m feeling very anxious today thinking about yesterday’s interaction with people, but I think perhaps I’m worrying about it too much.

Sometimes I feel like no matter what I say, it comes out as ungrateful, insensitive or awkward even though I didn’t mean it that way. A lot of times I feel like I’d be better saying nothing, but then I’d come off as cold and aloof. It feels like a no win situation.

I do this too. But I know I think about the things I say more than the they think about what I’ve said. I those people at the party have long forgotten the conversations.

Ive said so many regrettable things its funny but one thing to remember is most other people forget what others say. Can u tell me all the regrettable things someone else has said?

That’s probably the case. I’m tempted to call the people, apologize and explain myself but then it might just make it more awkward.

Good point. Unless someone is being very obnoxious on purpose, then I’m probably not going to remember it for long.

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Yea i find most people won’t remember anything u say unless it deals with, threats, the pro life debate, pregnancy or something super negative. We humans have good memories but not that good to remember everything

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