Say something in nonsensical gibberish here

Two days one time i sat upon the whales of deceit eating my old tuna sandwhich and became overfilled with the imaginary sustenances of life and being.

I stared into the horizons of the waters and thought “did i leave the stove on?”


Great, but, ah, but you are still using words. I do gibberish in tongues.

But then, in response

The scab rained flexibly, while the better half hula hooped liberally in grass
all along the page, until I touched the place settings. The soup spoke about
my face.


Pandiseaseos stinking
He is who ■■■■■■
I hate u …
Imma kill u bull

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That was perfect.

Careful bull, the equation is always watching.

It is forced to balance itself out you know.

Get it though? “Forced”

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I’ll let my phone’s predictive text do the talking:

The first half of my favourite genre
And the same side here is
The last few years of experience


Instantly far into poison anthems beer eats empty holes.

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Space ship toe jam with olfactory omnipotence paints plasticine thoughts.


It all depends on the angle of the ladder if you want lobster in each bag, the bag from Trader Joe’s that we all need to pay more respect to

end of conversation, Mr. Beaver. Disputing different facts with yellow laces are dangerous for many species


Inserts Kayne west lyrics for harder faster stronger…ruining a perfectly good robot song…

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Like the alliteration! :slight_smile:

It’s not free there’s a price for everything if you can’t pay it’s not your day and not your thing so sing out if you want it sing and shout like a lager lout what’s it all about turn and one two three four knock knock knocking at my door quoth the raven nevermore sitting on my bedroom floor oh you look good on the dance floor gimme gimme more more more oh please sir yes sir no sir three bags full sir one for the master and one for the sheep and eight for the octopus and and one for the little girl who doesn’t want to sleep in the middle of the night I’m Mrs Fahrenheit at the speed of light and I wanna make a superstar out of you and me and I’ll do it for free coz you are you and I am me…


Tiny spickets of light echo my rainbows of discovery Im unsure if this is the purpose I mean its not like I even care or know why I’m trying to fight my eggs egging me on dropping my sense of pots and pans dripping with heat not sounding the lever

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stop it guys!!! lol


If it’s all up to be challenged in the past and see if you can think of cats in my paper but she’s glad I’m excited to be able to understand me anyway That I am not sure how long it will take for granted the right now so much worse than I thought.

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Thank your nose for none and every single last one of this astounding and boring contributions to the well being of all of ant kind.

Truly enlightened and not so dry.


If one examines Lyotardist narrative, one is faced with a choice: either
reject cultural discourse or conclude that sexuality may be used to disempower
the Other. Feminism holds that government is dead, but only if the premise of
postconstructivist theory is valid; if that is not the case, we can assume that
consciousness is capable of significance. Thus, the subject is contextualised
into a feminism that includes culture as a paradox.

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I might drink pee…

Drinking ones urine is like a cascading down pour of self righteousness caused by the onslaught of not cleaning one’s toenails properly.