A funny/stupid poem 😆

Trigger warning at beginning. References to alcoholism. I can follow this format a billion times and make it different each time.

An apple argues with an aardvark about who’s an alcoholic more.

Booze is beheld by the borderline boozy and brolic. To bestow the best in banter.

The cards are crazy for a curly haired couvoisier cat who comes to conquer.

The deer are docile but he drinks till he drools. Days go dull by dusk.

Enough with the entropy. I want my elixir. Well elephants engage in excitement in every eery endeavor.

■■■■. Fury must focus the ferocity of the fudge licking foes who favor fine chocolates to fire.

Great games are not gone. Got a gander that glory is going to go gather for the governing gaiety.

Hieroglyphics halt in the height of their honor. To hold our heed in the hall. Horror hangs on and he’s happy.

I am ismael! I am indiscriminately ironic. I am just interlude from interesting by now.

Just joking. Just joshing. Just I jest in jeans by the Jurassic jungle.

Kidding If I’m kinda careless. Kidding If I’m not kool. Kangaroos hop. Kinda still “kiddo”.

Losing lovely leather leopard looking loafers to looters is never luxurious.

Marvelous mornings. Monday morning must’ve been morbid. Master your mind mom you’ll become more mature and make many middle men mad.

Normally I never need new nightmares.

Only on off ordered operations i am of official ontological oneness.

Probably I am pretty pathetic at pretending to pacify .

Quick. A question?

R u really rare?

So much so.

To tell the tale twice. I told you I’m terrible at that time telling clock tower thing.

Unofficially I am under the universe and the USA.

Very variety’s of vanity for vultures to not become vulnerable to.

Woo. It’s almost worth writing this.

Xbox 360

You’re youthfulness yearns for your yesterday.

Zebras in New Zealand are zealots. At least typically.


Nice alliteration, I lol’d at Xbox 360 :joy:

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