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Um yeah, this is why we don’t discuss matters of religion here.

Thank you, goldenrex. My post was flagged. I am new and I will re-read the guidelines again.

I emailed the science department’s administrative assistant, telling her I do not feel up to teaching tonight.

I really do hate this about myself. :persevere:


Don’t feel too bad,

Everyone gets sick or just doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

My husband called out of work today and is currently in the hot tub, smoking a joint and listening to gangster rap.

He’s not sick, he just didn’t feel up to it today.

Happens to everyone.


Thank you, freakonaleash.

Hi! I saw the flags, and then this post, and realized I had forgot to update the guidelines with the staff’s new (actually, not that new :sweat_smile:) position on religious discussions. This was an oversight on my part, as I was supposed to have done it about a week ago. Sorry.

The guidelines have now been updated. This is the rule against religious discussions:

• Religious Discussions

We know that many people who have experienced mental illness find comfort and healing in belonging to a religion. Unfortunately, many people with psychotic disorders experience delusions of a religious character, and some have had traumatic experiences with religion or with attempts to heal their illness through religious activities such as exorcism. To facilitate recovery, and to make this a safe place for everyone, we ask that users avoid mentioning their beliefs. We also ask that users not get into discussions about their own or others’ beliefs, or lack of belief, as many would find this hurtful or offensive.

I hope you understand our position and that the rules are now easier to understand. Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

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I’m going out for Indian buffet in Wednesday with my sister, so I’m banking calories and having chicken broth for lunch today. Probably a salad after nap. I’ve had too many 1500 calorie days since getting out of the hospital. I gained 7 lbs in the two weeks I was in and haven’t been able to lose any of it yet. I need to try harder.

I made an appointment with my PCP to ask about sorry pills and weight loss surgery.

Thank you, so much. I do understand, and I will be extra careful in my responses. I also re-read the guidelines again.

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I’ve applied for 7 jobs in the last few days. One of them was turned down, I’m waiting to hear from the others.


Not sure what to do where to go any experience in life would be good

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Indian buffet? I am so jealous. I’ve only been to one where I ate some of the best food of my life.


I don’t think you’re stupid for calling in especially if your employer is accommodating. Peace be with you.


Gonna watch either Bird or Copying Beethoven. Haven’t decided yet.



The administrative assistant has not yet responded to my email, so I called her, but she did not answer, so I left a voicemail. If I don’t hear back from her soon, I will have to call the assistant to the dean. Ugh, I hate making phone calls, avoid it as much as I can.


You are too hard on yourself. R-e-la-x. Try and regroup and think of positive things if you can. Here’s some lyrics that might be down your alley

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Yeah, I know I can be pretty hard on myself; I would say I’m my own worst critic.

The administrative assistant received my email; we are just waiting on the associate dean to see if he will approve a sub for my lab.


I’m having a tough day with grief


I used to punish myself…very self-destructive behavior @times

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Grief unfortunately is a part of life. We’re hear if you need to talk. I grieve for my brain daily though I try not to…it’s haaaard to accept myself as I am

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At school waiting for class to start. I feel particularly anxious for some reason. Just unsettled and a bit tense. Might be the nicotine. I have been cutting down so much when I had my nicotine gum just now I felt a bit peculiar.

Also contributing might be clogged arteries. I been having chest pains to some amount for the past year. Not as much lately but I read anxiety can be a symptom of clogged arteries. I don’t know I was smoking for 12 years and it can contribute. I’ll be sure to talk to a doctor soon.

@freakonaleash don’t be ashamed. You have a serious condition and need some time off to stay as functioning as you are. It’s alright

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My hubby has coronary artery disease…try and get a ct scan. Plz see a dr…it can get scary bad! Grats on cutting back, too🤗

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I feel like giving up but my kids need me. I’m sitting here on my recliner wondering when things will fall apart or get it together. At least it’s Monday and it’s cheap pizza night so I don’t have to think about making supper. Life sure isn’t very fair. Yep the great pity party. Who the hell cares anyway.