Say Anything Vientiuno (21)

Good morning bud!

That’s awesome you ordered a bean bag chair. I love those things!

I’m expecting a couple new movies later today. :slight_smile:


Good for you, Monte…I know you don’t have a collection but maybe you could start one with these…(LOL)!

Yea the springs are coming through the recliner I rescued from the dumpster and I need something softer for my fat ass!


Lol! Well hopefully the bean bag chair will be softer on your toosh. :wink:

Haha! My DVD collection is insane. I need to re-alphabetize the whole thing but I’m too lazy. :joy:


I hope so, bean bags are outrageous what they cost nowadays! Spent $75 on this one. Hope it’s a good one. Supposed to be the kind that expands after you open it and expose it to air has foam instead of those annoying beads.

Pretty soon you could start your own library loaning service. How many do you think you have by now?

BTW Molly says hello to Jimmy. At least that’s what I think she is doing walking all over my keyboard!


Haha! Maybe Molly has a little crush on the Jim Jims. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know it’s funny, I’ve actually entertained the idea of running a little cult movie rental place out of my apartment but I don’t believe under Hud rules we’re allowed to use our rental space as a business.


Probably not as a business. Molly might, she likes the bad boy that roams the neighborhood that comes up to the bedroom window lately. She’s only two so she’s not allowed to date.


Ha ha! :slight_smile: Molly is so cute.

Jimmy was just giving me some lovins. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


up for another day, didn’t sleep great last night, but ok. today is mow the yard day, dad got the mower i broke fixed. just waiting for the dew to dry up.

i also need to get in a workout tonight, i havent worked out since my injection on thursday because my arm was sore, well its still a little sore today, but im going to push through it, monday wednesday and friday is upper body day, and tuesday thursday and saturday is lower body day haha.


Ken barrow, Ireland. Potential Assassin of me

I think theirs been a hit out on me since the very start. I think this man Ken barrow (my neighbour) is a hit man

They bought the land they live on out from under us and outbid us on it. I think the Ira could foresee me insulting Anthony and decided I was to be assassinated.

He’s an Australian or kiwi origin and his job is unknown.

I see him everywhere I go

Everytime I go to the beach, I am followed. Like il be at the beach and then next thing this
Person will walk by me. Like this is a quiet in the middle of nowhere beach and then all of a sudden a person walks by, a family walks by etc. They also had someone park a similar truck that my neighbour drives right on the beach, there was smoke coming from one side of it so I thought it was a bbq so I passed no heed, went to look and no bbq. I saw the owner sitting on the rocks with a dog, couldn’t see his face. It wasn’t my neighbour

I believe everything I do is being watched at the house so when I go the beach they don’t know what I’m doing so they’ll send a bunch of people to check on me. I’m not sure if their is a hit on me or what or if their just paranoid. I now believe that most of my new neighbours are Ira affiliated. They probably bought up all the property in the area to keep tabs on me or for some unknown reason, possibly all to do with my murder at some point.

They also inserted the thought of me goin to the beach and sent a red Hiaace van with black panels at one beach and my neighbours lookalike van at the other beach

Knock Knock anyone there ?

No one around :open_mouth:

puts feet up on forum coffee table, scratches butt


Hi folks.

I went to bed at 10 PM and woke up around 10:40 AM. Feeling just okay. Enjoying a soda now with meds. Vaping some.

Tonight I have therapy.

Oliver is being barky.

Dad said scrap must have gone up bc he made out well this morning.

@Loke sure I understand the language root system. You get used to it.

Hope y’all are well.



Idk how much longer I can go on working. Not that I have an option… hoping I get disability


Are you in the States? How old are you? How much have you been hospitalized?

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Yes I’m 28 been hospitalized 15 times


It’s a combo of those questions that determine your eligibility.


Skunky! I just got The Definitive Document of the Dead, ole documentary about George Romero.

Later today I’m expecting Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-rama. Haha!

Hope you’re doing well. :hugs:


My bean bag said it was delivered but it is not here. Ding bat in the truck!


Rained here this am
May be going out today. I hope.

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