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a fresh thread…lets go…!


I told someone for the first time that wasn’t my wife or a dr that I heard voices today. It was via text so I don’t really know what they think.

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@san_pedro you’re addicted to starting new threads.

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I think I have fast/junk food withdrawal. I made tofu with broccoli on rice noodles, and it was so bland and oily. I got depressed and now I don’t have any motivation to finish off my homework for today. I’ve also gained like 7 lbs since the doctors increased my meds.

awww I wanted to be the first poster, you guys above me cut in line !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Do you States United Vehicle or A-merry-car? I walk and take the bus.

I started a thread asking whether or not I should use a “correction collar” on my dog, due to his incessant barking.

General consensus was, its inhumane and I should put a more solid effort into training my dog.


I got the collar,

And its freaking magic!

No more barking!!

His constant barking was about to make me actually lose my mind, but now, we’re chill. He doesn’t even need it all the time, he just doesn’t bark.

My quality of life has gone up like 30%, not kidding.

It may have been a borderline shitty thing to do to my beloved little jerk,

But I’m not sorry.

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Just because I went to the pharmacy with my car I’m actually feeling very weak. It took all my energy. It is really disappointing! :frowning:️ My condition is beginning to become chronic! Just like before 2013! I’m affraid of losing my job. :worried:

2 weeks since the beginning of my breakdown now and 2 weeks left before the beginning of my job. :grimacing:

I filled out the online application for Dollar General. I don’t know how well I’m suited for the job of retail sales associate but I’ve got to try something.


Sunset in Québec city just now.
You will notice that the water in the pool became green. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is that a frog :frog: pond?


They stopped maintenance of the water since nobody swim anymore. :slightly_smiling_face:

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help me please, I can’t continue living.
Let me rest in peace

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I can’t stand being on my sofa in my living room anymore. I have been there for the last 13 days. I can barely walk. :frowning:


What? Lol you have a couch in your restroom?

See by yourself below. I have been there for the last 2 weeks, except during the night when I was in my bed. :slightly_frowning_face: I should have said living room sorry for the bad translation.

I feel like this subject needs further explanation.

Why is this happening?

In living room or bathroom?

Living room sorry I speak French I translated badly

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