Say anything V

I was concerned lol. I’m the same way when I’m not working. Just on the couch

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Ha! Language barriers bringing humor to the world since Babylon.

I’m sorry you feel stuck on the couch.

Is your neighborhood good for walking?

I’m having a bad tachycardia and dizziness problem since 13 days. I almost can’t walk. :frowning:

Oh, man.

Are you on bed rest?

Is there anything you can take for that?

My wedding zombie gown did not fit me :smile:
I need to buy something

I am only offered antipsychotics. The doctors don’t know what other they could do about that.

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You have plenty of options.

You have plenty of time…

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I just wish Zyprexa is going to knock me down so I will feel better tomorrow.

Are you OK Erez? :worried:

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I feel like they’re gonna wait til I’m 29 to kill me. Or next year.

The job I applied for has a lot of bending and kneeling and I have fairly bad back problems. I feel like I’m stuck in this unfulfilling life. There are few jobs here in this town and most don’t suit me (not because i don’t want to work but because of my limitations.)

There’s an opening at Burger King but i have fairly slow movements due to Sza. That’s why I couldn’t get a job at Goodwill. There’s a job as custodian which I actually could do but I’d have to rely on the public transportation to get there and back. In my experience, the public transportation here doesn’t reliably get you from point a to point b and back. I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with it.

The discussion might go like this:
Boss: You were an hour late to work
Me: Sorry, Boss my van was late
Boss: Don’t let it happen again

and the next time I am fired.

I wish some random event would kill me instantly, as unlikely as that is. When you take away hope, what’s left?

Blessing and prayers


Thanks Be2be. 151515151515151515

@IndustrialLad Trust me you wlulnt want a random event. That halpened to me the other week, in road rage incidents and i was furious that i was not in control, if i want a random event i will ask for one or create it, not juat when im happy on my merry way. Lucky im an exlert driver. Now i wont drive ans been in high anxiety stress, ever since

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I mean something where I would just die instantly. I don’t know what it would be. It would have to have overwhelming force. Like getting hit by lightning or something. I guess really, when someone goes it’s probably usually quite agonizing.

I am sorry about your traffic incident.

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First day on Ziprexa. I don’t feel any change at all. I still have tachycardia and dizziness. Usually, antipsychotics that work have an immediate effect on me.

I dont have any appointment tmr. i will walk to the fish market to buy some crabs. i have bought some yesterday and they are good. if there is no crabs, might buy shrimps instead.

I am not sure how this long term tachycardia is logical?!
do you mean you only sometimes have irregular heart beats? !

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No. Not irregular heartbeat. Tachycardia is too much fast heartbeat. My heartbeat is 130-150 when walking. It tires me a lot! Yesterday I went to the pharmacy with my car and just because of that when I was home I was feeling totally exhausted.

I feel like my heart is tired or weak…


I am sorry… just relax I guess

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