Say Anything - Part 31


I had a nightmare. TW I met a guy who was kind and fun to be around. We went on several dates and everything was going well. Then randomly one day we went to a water park and he started trying to come onto me very strong like trying to grope me and kiss me and I was startled and pulled back and said I wasn’t ready for that. But from that point on he became insistent…one night we were hanging out he asked me to kiss him and I said ok but when I went in he sprayed my face with something. And I immediately felt very lightheaded and loopy and couldn’t stand right and he pulled me in for a hug and I asked why he was doing this to me and he was fine with just talking and hanging out before and he said “yeah I know but then you had to f***ng touch me” and then he raped me. I was trying to crawl away and was calling for help the whole time but no one came until afterwards.

When I woke up I sort of just huddled in bed for a while.


■■■■■ upstairs is home I lost my magazine. It’s ■■■■■■■ raining. My driver’s license has been revoked.
I drank a little caffeine. This is all my fault


I don’t expect replies when I post, it’s just more of an outlet to help me sort out some internal clutter.


Having a reality check on Data Analysis. The math requirements alone will take a solid year of learning, and that’s without even touching the programming part. I’m impatient! I need salable results fast.

Affiliate marketing is marginally better, but it still requires months and months of work before seeing results.

There’s nothing quicker than a 9-to-5 in getting fast cash, but my agoraphobia and poor skillset prevents me from doing that (only have highschool and a CompTIA A+ cert, with a home-based computer / game console repair business as experience.)

My only reliable asset is being comfortable working on a computer for hours and hours.

I guess Affiliate Marketing it is. Just wish I was enough of a rockstar to make game development work, that seems leagues more fulfilling. I guess I have to earn the financial freedom to do that, since the pay is so low it may as well be a labor of love.


well i’ll have a smoke break soon. mom and dad are going to see the boys play basketball. their playing milan tonight, made famous by the movie ‘hoosiers’…they usually have good teams but we usually beat them in my hometown…farm boys are too slow, they don’t run enough or don’t have parks to play pickup ball all day.


Having a panic attack over work again. I had to make phone calls to insurance agents and accountants, and I’ve got this nagging fear that I’ve done some paperwork totally wrong somewhere, and everything is going to explode in an audit. I love being a manager, but I hate the stress that comes with the job. Everything is so important, now.


Damn it, I don’t have popcorn.


got a cold, freakin a


Help me find a post!

Somebody on this forum talked about his or her dream (think it was a girl).
In that dream she was very successful socially, she had friends that helped her and she was loved and cared for. Something like that.
It was very recently, maybe a day ago.

Who and where wrote that?


I’m so bored right now that I’m thinking about looking myself up on that “rate my professor” site, to see what my former students have said about me.

I looked myself up on there maybe three years ago. My early reviews were terrible, but gradually got better over the years. That’s rightly so, because I was a terrible teacher when I first started at the college, but steadily got better.

Hmmm … not sure if I want my self-esteem to take a hit today lol :rofl:


That sounds like @Anna, but I don’t know which thread.


Thanks man, I will try to contact her.


I have been drinking more tea today. Try to reduce the amount of diet sodas i drink. Not really for health reasons, more for financial reasons, just to make the soda last longer.


had a couple smokes… they made me feel sick, just now getting over it…I took a shower and that helped. I find when I take breaks from smoking I detox quickly and then when I start again I get sick. this will probably be my last pack.


Had a shower. Fresh pjs on


Me too, just now,feels great. Did my fungal nails too lol with the tee tea… So I’m all fresh now


So it turns out that I’m addicted to…
Pukka three ginger tea…
Wat an unusual addiction



@Arlbar I think the SAD lamp is working. I feel more motivated than usual.


I have a ton of Walmart brand regular, caffeinated tea.

They’re huge bags though. lol.

What I usually do is cook up a bag in a coffee cup in the microwave, then add a lot of sugar, then dump it all in a big water bottle and add some cool water and ice cubes. Instant ice tea.

My process is fairly ghetto haha! But it taste good. :grin: