😺 Say Anything -- Part 29


I guess i caught a cold. My parents had it recently :frowning_face:


Sorry about your cold @Typo


Hi @chemwex Thanks
Have you switched to Invega, i dont remember well… If not what meds are you on?


In Vega is way too expensive for me I don’t have insurance am still on aripitas (abilify) @Typo


Maybe kitty is just lost. You could put up a found poster, if you want. She might already have a loving home she just escaped from.


Yeah, it’s partly finances @SammyP.


Woke up earlier than I wanted to, but I have to meet with a couple people at the clinic this morning.

The one lady is going to help with patient assistance programs for meds, and the other is going to help with the paperwork for me to get services for free.


woke up this morning and dad asks, “how was it”
me, “how was what”
dad, “the cigarette”
me, “I didn’t have a cigarette”
dad,“i found a lighter on the porch”
me, “its just a lighter”

he cant prove nothing…im going to deny the charges against me


Well, I’m back from the clinic, so at least that is done.

I’m a little tempted to go back to bed, but I think I’ll stay up. I’ll just go to bed early tonight.

Eventually I’ll make something for lunch, not really hungry yet.

I need to put out some job applications today, since my old pharmacy boss never replied to my text.


Sorry your old boss hasn’t gotten back to you yet,

What kind of jobs are you putting applications in for?

More pharmacy stuff?


My dad is coming by tomorrow, we’re going to visit my cousin and see her new baby, Alma :smiley:
Later I’m going to visit my other cousin for the weekend.
I’m really looking forward to it!


Got alot of school work to do today. This is going to be my busiest semester.


got my shot. it was no big deal this time. just a little prick. sometimes she gets in down into the muscle and it stings a little. also my arm tends to be sore the day after. we’ll see tomorrow.


Aren’t they supposed to be in the muscle?


im not sure. I never asked the nurse about it.


work day. we’re getting rid of the tin can now that the house is being built. we got to move a bunch of boxes and furniture into the barn. my nephews are helping with the boxes but they need me to help dad move the heavy stuff. they’re off on lunch break and im waiting for them to return.


I don’t know, might apply to some pharmacies. I just have to see what’s out there.

How are you feeling today, @goldenrex?


Doing pretty good,

Getting into a routine with my mother in law here.

Possibly getting a cold or something.

How are you feeling?


I’m glad you’re doing okay.

I suppose I’m feeling okay today, too. I got up just a little while ago from a nap, that felt good.

I’m just searching through jobs on Indeed, saving any that I might be interested in. I’ll go through my saved jobs later.


Hi there Leash and @goldenrex. Nice to see both of ya online.

I’m looking at books that are bestsellers in sz on Amazon.

I’m finding some fairly interesting titles haha.