😺 Say Anything -- Part 29


I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling weird @goldenrex. I hope you and your husband are able to have a little alone time soon.

Take care. :v:.

  • Monte


Thanks, homie.

How have you been feeling?


You’re welcome :slight_smile: I’ve been okay, still adjusting to my new med regimen. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately.

I’m having some evening coffee now, I want to stay up late so I can wake up to some sunshine for a change. Haha.

I got some new dvd’s recently. One of them is an anime, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.


Anyone want a black and white female cat? She is so adorable. She showed up this morning. My neighbors are feeding her and they gave her a blanket. I’d take her in but no pets. So now my mom might adopt her.



I enjoy anime sometimes.

Its always difficult adjusting to new meds.

Good luck staying up late,

I’m always in bed by 9, I’m on old lady schedule already.


Okay so this poor cat is trying to get in. Poor girl. I’ll have to buy cat food tomorrow I think. She’s meowing like nuts. Hopefully my sister will come through.

On a similar note. My grandma told me a disgusting story when they were younger these people dropped off two puppies, labs, in 4 feet of snow at 15°F below. My grandma couldn’t leave them there so they adopted one and found a home for the other. People I tell ya. I’m being nice by calling them people.


Awww poor kitty! Is it cold outside? Maybe you can build her a little shelter out of a box and newspapers :blush: (Since you can’t have an animal inside your place).


I ended up having an okay night of teaching. Not great, but at least we finished way early in lab.

Yeah, I “forgot” to show them the half hour video about DNA. It’s a good video, but damn, I’ve watched it probably thirty times, not to mention I was tired and not feeling the greatest.

So yeah, we were done way early. I’m glad to be home.


Got lots of work to do in the next few days


It’s not too cold. The meowzers is doing okay. She’s sleeping now. I’ve been watching her.


I once took in a stray cat. She was great, but she played rough. When she bit me hard enough to draw blood I immediately put her outside. For a while after that, she would come to the door with me when I would come home, expecting me to let her in. I felt kinda bad denying her entry into the apartment, but I couldn’t have a cat that was going to bite me like that. She would cry after I shut the door without letting her in.


This Kitty is sweet as :honey_pot: she’ll be fine. She is too clean to be a stray. I’ll be looking for a new home for her though.


So the kitty is doing okay. I have no idea why but I’m really taken to her so gonna watch The Hobbit now. Right? I know. The connection doesn’t make sense.


Someone hacked my poker account and withdrew all my money. Sux


Why you so down lately because of $?


Good day then turned out shitty. Going to eat some pizza and pass out…


Hi Mods. @Treebeard @Rhubot @ninjastar @Jayster @Moonbeam can you please change my tagline to: No Fart Left Behind ?

I’d appreciate it. Thanks.



■■■■ I almost fainted so Iay down.


So I’m going down to 7.5 mg of abilify. I wonder how that’ll be


Slightly good news. After months of symptoms and being stuck at home, my case manager is signing me up to go to a clubhouse in town. I’m so glad I can go out again and have something to do. My goal is to lose weight and be symptom free by Summer of next year when my cousin comes over. Hopefully I can go back to trying to be high functioning again…