Say Anything G is for Goat

Here you go folks.





Hmm…i closed that thread, made a link and still got first.


My mom helped me pick out a 4 foot Christmas tree! Not sure if it will get here before Christmas. It was 25 bucks.


Next year I think I am going to buy a new one. We have a little one up but I think I would prefer a full size tree that I could decorate with a bunch of lights.



Good morning, friends. I’m about to write another exam in 5 minutes.


I bet that would be great for the Christmas cheer.


Smell my finger

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We got a pug puppy!! He is the cutest little thing ever. But my stress levels are pretty high now because he is a lot to handle and we already have two cats and the cats are currently not enjoying him so thats tough. Also puppies are so expensive, not just cost wise but getting them all vetted and kitted out with supplies :sob: my wallet is hurting now. Part of me feels like an idiot because I literally just got out of financial struggle only to throw myself back in again because I got puppy fever. Oh well. Love my little boy, and my fiance has been a great help in raising him. (I had to raise my family’s puppy by myself and it was really tough so I’m glad to have help this time.) Anyways thats my update.


I can’t afford a cat. I bought a new plant at the grocery store Saturday. It is very young, a succulent to go with my cactus and first succulent. I face west so they get lots of sun.

G is for gorilla, grass gnomes.


They had this game./…Goat simulator. You lived your life as a goat. Was never brave enough to try it but sounded like a weird experience. It was available on steam for a while there.


Nice I have a pug. She will be 4 in January.


This clip brings tears to my eyes everytime. 🥲


Morning everyone. Awake before sunrise like usual. Yay!

How was your night? Did the terrors leave you lay?

Visuals started last night, no voices, but the walls won’t stop breathing, the floor is sliding down and to the left. Couple of shadows watching over me. No angels.

Few chores today, should keep my hands busy. Typical house husband faire, some laundry, dishes, trash, etc.

Corgi is upside down next to me, llama blanket, tea, and music. My morning ritual. The ritual must be successful.

Wishing the tribe well! Be safe.



That’s amazing!!!


I slept late today, and it felt great. Well, I woke up at 8 am, but I normally wake up at 6. I’m off work today, but I have PT at 11 (it’s currently just past 9:30 here), going to buy a few groceries, do a little laundry, wash some dishes, among other things around the apartment.

I’m getting the Covid booster later in the day. I hope it doesn’t leave me feeling wiped out; I had no problems with the first two shots.

I hope all of us have a good day. :blush:


Rip of the bandage quickly or slow?

If you have got a problem, do you try to avoid it, until it is no longer possible or the problem disappeared on its own.

Or do you find and meet the problem as fast possible to solve it so you can relax?

There are pros and cons to both strategies.

The first, procrastinating strategy, means you can relax until its obvious you have to act.

The second strategy accepts that you cant really relax before the problem is out of the way (on the other hand, there is always some problem you have to act on so you might never relax)

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Hey everyone, tough day for me. This situation with my stepdad pressing an assault charge on my brother is driving a wedge between our family. My only living grandparents are actually my stepdad’s parents, and they were never worried or even had any reaction to my stepdad constantly assaulting myself and my mom during my childhood. But now that time has passed and my stepdad got “assaulted,” they rally to his defense. My mom’s angry about this and she’s probably gonna give them a piece of her mind, which is fine I guess but I wish we could all just get along and put the past behind us.