Saw my case manager


I just got approved for a case manager. The visit made me realize I’m not doing well at all. She’s trying to get me in a support group for trauma. I was held in a house for 3 months by men against my will when I was 19. It really affects every aspect of my life. Her questions made me realize just how sick I am.


I’m so sorry Pianogal. What a living nightmare. I’m so glad you are getting the help you need. I wish healing for you.


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I’m sorry that this traumatic event happened to you @Pianogal.
Good luck with your case manager.


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I am so sorry @Pianogal
I hope your case manager can be a great help for you


Hope the case manager works out for you @Pianogal. Good luck!


What a tragedy! You survived a nightmare. I’m sure it has multiple effects on you and your life. I’m praying for healing. It will be hard to work through. We are here to support you! Wonderful you now have a caseworker who can support you, too!


Hugs . 643266654


That’s terrible that you went through that. I hope things are looking up now with your case manager and hopefully the trauma group. Good luck!!


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