Saw a guy I had an interaction with whilst psychotic 4 years ago yesterday

I was in the tobacco store and I saw a guy that I approached randomly while i was psychotic 4 years back.

I had just gotten out of the psych ward. 3 days later I stopped my risperdal.

I went to the gas station to get a pack of smokes :smoking: I was in “talk to everybody I see” mode, and I approached him…he’s like 6’6 300 pounds and I went up to him and said “DO I KNOW YOU” in a psychotic voice. And he said “Yeah I think you do.” He actually went to my High School but surprised he said he knew me.

I said something else to him but I can’t remember what.

Then yesterday I saw him in the tobacco shop. He was nice though. A gentle giant. I talked to the guy he was talking to and he kept the conversation going. he was friendly despite knowing me from a bad state.

:cool: story bro


Recently I talked to this girl that is an exgirlfriend to a friend of mine, I was psychotic the last time I saw her, she forgot a book in my house more than a year ago and came on facebook to ask me for it. I ended up apologizing for some behaviour I didn’t remember I had (don’t know if I said something so apologized anyway)… she said it was cool, and that actually she was also psychotic at the time, she didn’t believe me when I told her I was god and that led her to go seek help. She was hospitalized for three months, I didn’t ask her symptoms but she said it is sz also. We ended up talking a bit and connected. Cool moment. Actually know somebody else with sz now, but she’s living in the north so there’s no way to meet her.


That is cool indeed…She lives in the North? Damn yankee! :laughing:

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