Sauna is equal to bike riding in study

I absolutely love the sauna. I would use it every day if I could.

It seems the best way to use a sauna based off other things I heard is to do it after a weight lifting session.

Hopefully I become rich enough one day to have one in my house.


I adore saunas .

I really miss them.

In Sweden they have lots of saunas and all public swimming pools have saunas in the change room.

I remember winter time in Sweden going to the swimming centre and having a nice sauna and they had a cold miniature pool to dip in to after the sauna and then back in.

I live in Australia now and love it here but there’s not many saunas around.

THere are other lovely things though.

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The clubhouse at our apartment complex has a sauna. My partner uses it sometimes in the winter when he’s especially sick of being cold.


I wish that there was a sauna where I live! The Alaskan winter gets down to -40 F and a nice sauna at that temperature would feel so wonderful!


i like one after a swim and its great when someone puts menthol in the heater lol so fresh, great for the sinuses


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