Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


I think it is whey protein which has all amino acids also eggs


I heard green tea which has l theanine seems to improve motivation by increasing dopamine and also heard it improves gaba levels also .i dont think it is the caffeine as it is much less tha normal are we not aiming at the same receptors through ltheanine


I am thinking about taking Sarcosine but i am on ginkgo biloba
does anyone know if taking the two supplements is ok


There is no research on these two supplements being used together (that I’m aware of) - but given that the research suggests that Ginkgo Biloba is minimally effective - I suspect there isn’t much risk of taking them together.

Read more here:


Hi, i’m brazilian and i’ve five years of schizophrenia, but i never had internated in a hospital, i’ve the cognition symptoms at moment, i don’t drink medicines from 2015 to today, but i don’t drink milk and derivateds and gluten, if this aminoacid resolve this i’m will very happy. I don’t desist of researching on the internet for solutions for this problem. I read an article about this and a saw a relation of this aminoacid with the prostate cancer is someone afraid with this?


I hope things will got better in future and thanks for the sharing the stats.


Did anyone try genes analysis before taking Sarcosine? I do have a mutation in gene for NMDA receptors that make them dysfunction and the treatment for that is Scrcosine or d-serine but I haven’t started taking it yet.


I have been on sarcosine for a month and a half and it helps me tremendously so far.

Before I would go three weeks without brushing teeth showering shaving. Now I shower three days or more a week.and brush teeth and shave three or more days a week.

I would procrastinate and never feel like getting things done always constantly behind. Now I dont procrastinate as much and feel like doing things and have better focus to do them when I get to doing them.


That’s awesome! how much you are taking and which brand? Are you taking it with medications?


I am taking two to three scoops a day which is 2-3g a day.

I am using Brainvitaminz brand.

The directions say begin with 1/2 scoop in morning and 1/2 scoop at night. which comes to one gram a day to start.

Slowly increase the amount over next two weeks until you reach 2-4grams.

Do not take more than 4grams as it has not been studied.

Sarcosine has a short term effect 1-4 hours and longer term effect over a period of six months or more.


Just ordered sarcosine from brainvitaminz a week ago. I really hope that it will do something to my motivation and DP.
I have tried all kind of supplements but none of them worked. Should i get some d-serine or NAC with sarcosine too?


The sarcosine instructions I got say do not take d-serine or glycine the same days you take sarcosine.

I would start out with straight sarcosine so you dont have to think about what is causing some side affects or somthing.


i’ve ordered some to try in the mean time before I can get meds


NAC with sarcosine is not a bad idea - there is a fair amount of good date on NAC - you can read about it here:


Thanks @dude1
I have tried MSM and I have noticed similar results as you got from Sarcosine! I don’t know if it corrected some health issues within me or if it has something to do with motivation and energy. But I felt my brain was active and I had no brain fog and also my mood was stable.


my sarcosine came in!

it came with a little 1 gram scooper.

so i’m trying 1 scoop today. 2 tomorrow.

it’s been a few hours so far. it seems to have taken some edge off, but no other affect.


Ty for previous replys. I have lowered my meds and have not noticed any negative. Only benefits. Sarcosine should arrive soon, High hopes


is brain vitraminz a gmp certified company could we know something about the quality of the company


How are you doing so far with Sarcosine?
Are you on any other supplements or meds?


Hi Admin, I have a question for you and experts here, When on Sarcosine, should take anything to raise or decrease Glutamate? I mean what is the effect of Sarcosine on Glutamate level? It is assuming that Glutamate is high in Schizophrenia patients that’s why I’m a bit worried about taking Sarcosine