Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


I don’t know if the company is GMP certified. I do know that their product works well. I tried some stuff from Alibabi out of curiosity as it was a quarter of the price and I didn’t notice it working at all. With BrainVitaminz, you notice the effect within about half an hour of a dose. In my case, mildly improved cognition and memory plus a bit of help with negative symptoms. I swear by it and keep pouches of it at home, at work, and a spare in my car so I won’t run out. It really does work.

I have trouble remembering personal hygiene despite being high-functioning. I find I’m better with remembering personal hygiene when on sarcosine. Probably 25% better. I’m also much better at mentally stacking multiple tasks (I can have up to 25 files open at a time at work). Take away my sarcosine and my mental stacking ability really suffers.

I can’t tell you about glutamate levels as I’m neither a doctor or researcher. I can tell you that none of my doctors have expressed concern about it and they approve of my using it based on my reported results. In fact, my main psychiatrist (I’m currently seeing three) is recommending it to his other patients with SZ.


Thank you for sharing your experience. Do you suffer from hallucinations or delusions? If so, do you feel Sacrcosine help with that? And are you taking it along with medications? My brother on aripiprazole and Quetal (QUETIAPINE) and I wonder if it will be safe for him…
I’m not on medication but I think I have Glutamate issue so I have to be carful…


Yes, I do still have some hallucinations and delusions.

No, sarcosine has no effect on them at all. It only makes a difference for my negative symptoms, mainly avolition and cognition/memory issues.

Yes, taking it alongside Rexulti now. Formerly took it with Geodon and Effexor.


hi @Marya and others

sorry for the late reply(i’ve been working!)
here’s my update:

  • it’s been over a week
  • i don’t know how much is placebo, but it’s not quite like i expected
  • i’ve noticed an impact on mostly negative symptoms, but:
  • it seems to have reduced the ridgid nature of obsessiveness and given me insight into it
  • in summary: my thinking is smoother, and my ability to make plans and remember things has been noticeably affected


Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Keep us updated :slight_smile:


I’ve found this for a researcher,
Glycine is also a special case neurotransmitter. If the balance in your body is towards glutamate, glycine will be excitatory. If the balance is toward GABA, it will be inhibitory. So if you tend toward glutamate excess, avoid glycine.

Does that mean Glycine treatment is not good for anyone has high glutamate?


Uh, no. I tried it and it worked so I’ve kept using it. Why complicate things?


Hi Pixel, i have done a genetics test and came up with some mutations. One of them is NMDARs inactivation which cause low d-serine. D-serine and Sarcosine is recommended to activate NMDA receptors. But I do have high glutamate level at the same time. So I’m not sure whether to take Sarcosine or not as long as the effective on glutamate level is not clear. I wish if any expert here could make this clear.


Interesting, who does this test that shows the NMDARs inactivation and glutamate levels? Did your doctor order it or can anyone get it online?


It is 23andme test for genetics. You can get it online and send your sample back to the lab. After that you can analysis your data online or send it to any genetics to analysis for you.


You would probably want to go see an expert in real life, not get info from strangers on an Internet forum who may not have your best interests at heart. I asked my doc if he thought it was safe and he said, “give it a whirl”.

Also, I already have enough mutations that I’m aware of without finding out I have others. The ones I have keep me busy enough, thanks.


Probably because it’s fairly cheap and isn’t known to have serious side effects, most people just see if it works for them.


Thx for the reminder; ordered sarcosine in Nov 2016; reside in Canada, still waiting for shipment.


I live in BC, just got mine from BrainVitaminz after less than a week.


I got a response within 1.5 hours about…

Customer service was nice; offered to resend original order or give me some extra for ordering another 60g…

I guess we’ll see eventually if this will work for me or not.


Wow, that’s a good news.


So I’m taking 2 grams sarcosine, split in four doses through the day, and I do feel somewhat more motivated. More than I would with a placebo, I feel.

I’m actually getting some of my home business work done, which was stalling for a week.


take it for at least six months as per research
two months or less are not enough for this miraculous substance to work believe me
you will feel better after few weeks only but effects will dissipate if you stop taking it


I have been using theanine for 11 days and sarcosine from yesterday and from used sarcosine ive felt really weird symptoms. Feeling weird, from sarcosine ive felt not myself, like i would i have separate personality, and increased anxiety what ive felt like a year ago. Had to took benzos which help me to rid of sarcosine anxiety… I think that anxiety is caused from sarcosine (?) Im not feeling myself. Should i lower theanine or sarcosine (sarcosine dose is 1g-1.5g morning/afternoonj


Theanine dosage 300-600mg every day