Sarcosine from brainvitaminz reversed brain damage

Please read, i am suffering from a lamictal induced psychosis and my symptoms are gone or less i am not fully convinced yet, but i think it is…

i Took it for a month not 6 months like that study said

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I think you’re jumping to conclusions. That was only one study - and the focus was on one specific area (the glutamatergic transmission in the hippocampus of the brain) - and there was no statement with regard to it being permanent or anything (that was not tested in this 6 month trial).

So - its good to hear you’re doing well, but we’ll see how it goes longer term.


100% well not but i am off Sarcosine for a week and half now due to some pen*s side effects that have almost subsided because of the (medication from vitamin use i think.

I still feel it works or it has reversed some damage, i contacted brainvitaminz about this miracle
i haven’t hallucinated too, like it’s gone

note that i have an induced psychosis from lamictal in 2008 from 25 mg and it messed with my glutamate, that’s what i researched, maybe sarcosine has reversed some of the damage?

tears in my eye

i am still on a depot of abilify 400 mg, clonazepam 1 mg twice daily, (2 months witouth seroquel XR) i don’t want to take it anymore but sometimes when i watch telly i feel like i still need it, i have an emergency 50 mg XR pill just in case, i also lost 8 kg off the seroquel, i also had sinus attacks while on seroquel due too fatty food eating i hope that stays away with a normal diet.