Sadfishing: frequently sharing deeply emotional posts online may be a sign of a deeper psychological issue

Another thing that’ll be massively overused, like ‘snowflake’ and ‘virtue signalling’ , to put people down .


Wow, that’s interesting. Thanks for the link @firemonkey

They got almost everything classified,lol.

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Everything is a sign of a deeper psychological issue.


Well, ain’t that the truth.

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More pathologizing of human nature, lol.

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Well, there’s a difference between attention whoring and venting online. It’s very hard to describe and explain the differences but you absolutely understand it when you see it. The best way I can possibly say it without offending anyone is like…

If you’re constantly doing the whole woe is me type stuff online publicly it gets annoying and comes off as disingenuous or like you’re just wanting attention and likes/hearts.

Then you have people who only talk about their problems on forums like this where they can be anonymous or in private messages with tight knit people they can trust with their problems.

I still think I did a horrible job trying to explain the difference, but from my years of being online this is my understanding of people’s mindset and attitude towards this sort of thing.

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If celebrities share their crap online it’s bc they’re human just like us. People need to leave them alone.

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