Rush to Friday

everyone here is looking forward to the weekendI myself I am going with a friend going to a car show. as the weekend drawers ever closeric normal people rushing to Walmartin hopes to bring something home to dowhat are you rushing for

A twelve pack of beer, a call to my brother, and large amounts of blessed solitude.

First weekend in a while with no plans. No rush… just enjoying the ride.

Not worrying about where to go, what to do, how it’s going to turn out.

No rush about food or weather…

no rush about solitude or company.

It’s soft and grey and rainy today… No rush
I’m in no hurry to leave today… I would like today to stay around a bit longer.

I get to play in the rain after my shift…

I get to watch the parks empty as the tree canopy magically truns the heavy rain into to soft mist.

I’m in no hurry today and I like it.