Rumours of My Demise Were Premature


I’m an adult with schizophrenia…NOT an infant that needs scolding and time-outs.

When are YOU going to start treating people with respect around here??

Even adults go to jail son


If you don’t want to be suspended, you only need to follow the rules. Most people don’t have a problem with that concept. Szadmin wrote all the rules on his own. It’s only my job to enforce them.


I’m confused. If this new site is so great and you consider this one a bit rubbish why are you here and not there? :confused:


Because he can stir up trouble and recruit people at the same time.


It’s a darn shame …

For future reference. Like I said, it is my job to enforce the rules that were already written by someone who is not me. If you want a forum with different rules, I recommend you stick to the new one. The rules here aren’t likely to change any time soon.


No, no, no,

This is not a Pixel thing or a new forum thing.

This is just about @PatrickT.


Oh right. Forgot he was on the ball with himself but not actually in the new forum or with Pixel.


I give up…

Funny how this has turned into a ‘Bully Patrick’ thread, all because I brought up some honest points of view…and the Mods are just honky- dory with it.

The hypocrisy around these parts is astounding.

What? I thought you didn’t want the thread closed. I thought you didn’t appreciate heavy-handed moderation. Now I’m confused.

Also, nobody here was breaking the rules. People are allowed to air grievances, as long as they do so within the rules. Swearing at members and spamming the boards with threads about how awful they are is not allowed. A single post letting someone know they are behaving poorly is within the guidelines.


That’s not the case,

I haven’t really ever engaged with you, but have always thought your posts were funny.

I didn’t mean to make it seem like you’re a bully,

Just didn’t want to turn this into another Pixel/new forum thread.

Apologies, @PatrickT.

I find that ironic Patrick. :roll_eyes:

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Nope. This is healthy. An honest and open discussion can go anywhere.

I recently had a run in with them. In the end it pays to remember they can sometimes make mistakes due to intellectual limitations and without any deliberate intention. Sometimes they are just slow to get an accurate handle on things.

Wow @firemonkey. I always liked you and this is a mean comment I would not have expected from you.


Closing this thread before it gets out of hand and feelings get hurt.


Patrick - please just participate here in a positive manner and you’ll find that people here (including Mods) reciprocate.

There have been many “spin-out” forums in the past and they all die - people get sick of talking to the same dozen people over and over again, and its a ton of work for many years to get a well-functioning forum like this working with a critical mass of people - very few have done it.

We cater to all people who have a vested interest in schizophrenia and related issues - high functioning or other. I’m always open to new ways to help different subsets our our community - so if you have ideas, and communicate them in a positive, helpful manner - I’m all ears.

We think that there is value in having one good, diverse community focused on schizophrenia - which is this forum - and so we don’t allow posts or posters who are only here to attempt to lure members off this proven and safe forum. We’ll be deleting any and all posts that are marketing other forums because of this.

Hope you stay and participate as a positive community member here!