Looks Like I left Just in Time

I’ve been lurking and it seems this place is turning into a Nazi Concentration Camp!

Locked threads…disappearing posts…banned posters…private PM’s telling posters how to behave.

Where is the freedom of speech? We’re schizophrenics, not 11 year old children fcs!

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You missed some 18+ content again :stuck_out_tongue:

But glad to see you!
Daze was harassing a new guy and some others by side and unusual beliefs got some new old UFO theories and people started to fuel each others delusion…

I watch out the place because i cant sleep

@Patrick where you been hoss? I wish you would post more !!

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And why aren’t Political discussions allowed?

If someone finds a politics thread to be ‘triggering’ or ‘upsetting’, then just don’t click on the Header…it’s as simple as that.

We’ve got the most fascinating American Political Race on our hands, and we aren’t even allowed to mention or talk about it?? That’s ridiculous!

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no dude…this is a gory fight for the presidency with all that Trump says…there is too wide a divided nation over it. I am aware that there are many more democrats than republicans and they have been voting pretty hard for the democratic party these last eight years…now if we can just gain congress for the democrats again and Hillary wins ( which I am pretty sure she will) this nation will have been spared the fear involved thinking Trump might win.

If you disagree with the moratorium on political talk, make your case to @SzAdmin. In the meantime, please try to abide by it.

Same goes for any other rule you may dislike.

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Thanks Mom! I’ll keep that in mind.

No one likes me blowing my TRUMPet. :grin:

Yeh, but there are other places where we can fight over it. Trolling on Reddit is actually kind of fun.

I’m just enjoying the fact that people are pissed off at moderators other than me. :blush:

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At least you picked your spots…I think the new group of Mods is ‘power hungry’ or somethin. This site is tanking fast.

i thought these mods were your friends, all i have seen is some people breaking the rules and the mods have done a good job so far imo


Jeez Louise… Give them a break would ya? Haven’t even been on the job a week and you’re shredding 'em. d000d.

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If I were a mod (and I wouldn’t wanna be) I would be moderating just as @Rhubot @moonbeam and @minnii are. And I’m far from an authorative personality.


I support all our moderators…especially the new ones… @Minnii I think you are doing a fantastic job !! same to you @Rhubot wise choices for moderators…

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I can’t stand censorship and/or abuse of authority. This is what I’ve been noticing recently on this site.

So I thought I’d bring it up before the whole forum spins out of control.

It’s a legitimate concern of mine.

You can always start a private thread and discuss whatever you want…


i dont think theres been abuse of authority

censoreship? maybe…but that’s @szadmin’s call, they’re just abiding by the forum rules/policies IMO.

i know your gripe with the political posts censorship but its probably for the better.

Erf. Seriously? I think they’re taking it easier than I would have.


I’m officially just a ‘casual contributor’ to this site from now on. I’ll chip in here and there, but that’s about it.

If you can’t even mention the names Trump or Clinton without a thread-lock, then what’s the point?

Who’s trump? Who’s Hilary? Is this a Canananananadian thing? :ghost: